Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Yesterday I went to CONKERS as a school trip. It was a bit boring though but I still like the Adventure Playground. It was a boring ride to get there but it was worth it [coz of the Adventure Playground]. My friend who was next to me said that she'd rather die than sitting on that vibrating coach that we went on. And I said I wouldn't, I'd rather live! I dont know what she was thinking but lets forget it. I would still rather go to American Adventure though coz its much more funner than CONKERS. I just wish I'd go there again......

Saturday, March 12, 2005

what a good Saturday indeed.....

Today me, my dad,my lil' bro and my big bro went together to the University to send my big bro to catch the bus to Manchester. This means that there's only six of us at home. It means I can use the computer more. It is 07:03 right now and my big sis is not up yet which is good and my lil' sis just finished using the computer. At the moment the comp is in my hands but when my big sis' wakes up I bet she's gonna take over. So I best make the most of it. So I'm going now to make the most of my time on the comp. see ya!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

No ScHoOl ToDaY!!!!!!

Part of the brick school roof has broke through the glass roof which was below it. Just because of that small bit of roof, the school is closed. Hahahaha! Sorry, I just needed to laugh! What a good day it is staying at home just chilling out taking an extra break [on the computer] but the sad thing is no one is online so I'm chattin' to myself. Still though a bit boring stayin' at home, at least not as boring as listening to Mr Coneron talking about some crap history. He is suppose to be a teacher but instead a BORER! That's what me and my mates call him, a BORER! I'd rather be in Mrs Barker's class for history but oh well....I'll live....

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

have a beautiful day

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