Friday, October 10, 2008

raya 08

omg~!! evrythin was amazing~!!!
really hepi 2 be bac in Alor Setar this year..
1st Syawal..I wore a purple baju kurung, cop songket..went to Tunku Kedah's open house, 11am.-12am. for saudara-mara.. 
b'gamba dgn Tengku Intan Syafinaz..shame that pic is in my uncle's camera..
n then jumpe saudara-mara lain..
2nd Syawal..wore another purple baju kurung..b'bunge~ 
jumpe anas sofia n fam - cousin belah abi.
Tok Su adik n fam
Tok Ami n fam
n Uncle Halim n fam
3rd Syawal...went shiny sky blue - baju thun lps..
gi visit kubur Tok Wan kt Pulau Pisang n saudara-mara di sana.. 
at the end of the day..celebrate amir's 2nd b'day - he's a loyal Mickey Mouse Fan..
4th Syawal..b'tolak blk ke Bangi..
but of coz on the way..drop by at Sg. Petani for a visit 2 Tok Su adik's home - open house
great raya this yr...especially cuz the fact that the house was full of I had an excuse for not studying 4 PMR during raya~!!!!! yea2~!!
btw - picz of raya 08 are up in the gallery, go take a look!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

a post for...

i can read you that well..
being your friend was a mistake hard to leave..
you had to go and show me what a perfect, caring, hilarious, friend you can be..
make me get addicted to you..
and then you shut it all down.
if i knew you were gonna do all that,
then leave me time and time again,
i would have ditched you ages a go..
whats worse, its been a long while
the addicted is still strong.
the only way i can get over this sick (and very wrong) addiction, 
is to leave everything behind,
every thing, every place, every person that could remind me of you.
that day will come. i know it will.
and when it does, you'll miss me,
staring back at yourself in the mirror
long enough to realize, 
you're not that over it. 
just trying to look good for everyone else.
put up an innocent act to fool those around you.
didn't fool me~

Sunday, August 24, 2008

rainy day

It was a rainy day. It was only me, najah, anas and ummi at home. We were all sooo bored. The original half of the house was blacked-out. So we all went upstairs to find something to do. I remember at my granma's home, I love to look at ancient things around the house. So,with nothing to do on a rainy day, I went digging for a piece of history. Up in my mum's cupboard were a few undiscovered photo albums ever since my family and I returned from the UK three years ago. The photos brought back many memorable moments. I remember in the UK, one day i heard that my mum's cousin's house, where we kept all our past memories, was flooded. Then, I remembered these were the only, of all our albums that were saved during the flood. It's a shame to leave them undiscovered. So i decided to scan them and share a couple on the site.
Check the page 'older memories' in the gallery for the photos.