Friday, October 10, 2008

raya 08

omg~!! evrythin was amazing~!!!
really hepi 2 be bac in Alor Setar this year..
1st Syawal..I wore a purple baju kurung, cop songket..went to Tunku Kedah's open house, 11am.-12am. for saudara-mara.. 
b'gamba dgn Tengku Intan Syafinaz..shame that pic is in my uncle's camera..
n then jumpe saudara-mara lain..
2nd Syawal..wore another purple baju kurung..b'bunge~ 
jumpe anas sofia n fam - cousin belah abi.
Tok Su adik n fam
Tok Ami n fam
n Uncle Halim n fam
3rd Syawal...went shiny sky blue - baju thun lps..
gi visit kubur Tok Wan kt Pulau Pisang n saudara-mara di sana.. 
at the end of the day..celebrate amir's 2nd b'day - he's a loyal Mickey Mouse Fan..
4th Syawal..b'tolak blk ke Bangi..
but of coz on the way..drop by at Sg. Petani for a visit 2 Tok Su adik's home - open house
great raya this yr...especially cuz the fact that the house was full of I had an excuse for not studying 4 PMR during raya~!!!!! yea2~!!
btw - picz of raya 08 are up in the gallery, go take a look!

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