Sunday, May 31, 2009


tiring day..attended another mum's cousin..listening 2 taylor swift's entire fearless album..

so on friday, teacher's day, tha gurlz stopped me frm goin upstairs..tey sed tey cudnt do tha vid...tey made 1 bt tey didnt lyk tat mrnin..i made a vid which ws super at least i did sumtin 4 teacher's day, rite?? neway teacher's day went smooth...i overall the day didnt end well cuz sum1 gt in a tantrum aftr a tuff fall out...unhappy faces on tha last day b4 tha holidays..tat sux real bad..also nt 4getting tat my headache went on 4 tha entire day...humm2...

saturday mrnin..major headache aint getting well...uurrggghhh~~~ suckish sunday is...i duno...slightly better cuz of tha wedding i i knw...sum1 ws leaving tha country 4 decided 2 call tat sum1 tat mrnin..wished tha prson a fun n safe trip...ten nt long aftr tat...i already missed tat i did...nt weird actually..i've told dat prson b4 tat weddings make me..sorta wana i 4got 2 tell tha prson i ws attending a wedding i didnt cry of cuz...despite tha fact that i dropped my lip balm in tha wedding hall sumwhere n didnt find it..haha!! owh well...givs me an excuse 2 get a new one..hehe...

i luv taylor swift..i can link some of the songs on tis album wit a certain sum1 in my life...

i'll only put initials or nicknames next 2 each song..

Fearless - Tis song is 4 sum1 i currently adore..he's one of my best mates..yes..jus MATES.. Luv him vry3 much!!

Hey Stephen - one of robert bakewell primary's heartthrob batch 02-03..tho his name is nt hey..can't help it if u look lyk an angel.. ~S. Sheppie~

White Horse - he's a nice honestly, goin bac and forth all tha tym gets really tiring...n im so over it...n also heard u hav a certain sum1 already..haha..wish ya all tha best.. ~Moon~

Breathe - 4 me tis song relates 2 sum1 who ws wit me nt long ago...amazing guy, still is amazing nw..most of whaat hppen tat nite ws my fault n i take blame 4 it...Im sorry.. ~i.a.a.~

Tell Me Why - he is vry close 2 me...still close nw...n he's tha reason i can nvr feel safe.. ~mEab~

You're Not Sorry & Forever and Always - dun wana talk much bout tis person...tryin 2 4get evrytym im on9, my dad wud ask bout him...nt tat he lyks him...jus cuz he wana knw bout his fam..dun lyk it.. ~siRap~

The Best Day - dedicated 2 my beloved mum!! Mmuuaahh!!

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