Saturday, June 27, 2009


got some math thingy in skool 2day..listening 2 fearless album again..hvent been on9 l8ly..too much work... n apparently..someone gave my name in for the school's english debate team..goin against all the MUSLEH's schools in the country..then the winner represents the country for asia..i think.. that probs be hidayah school or summut..newayz heading off updates 4 a while..


Sunday, June 21, 2009

A minor block to a recovery!

staying up again..finishing off a task for school.. currently listening to a nasyeed playlist on my imeem since everytime i play a playlist from the computer, it turns the internet connection off..hurrmm2..wonder wadup wit tat..

anyway..since i wasn't so well on friday and skipped school on saturday (replacement for eid) people called and texted me to ask if im this is one short dialog..


Conversation 1

friend:I dont know how to ask so i just be frank. what's up? haha. well i really wanted to ask you if you have been well these past few days..

me: Im not well. Im just really very3 ill and i really cant be in school or go out too often.

friend: Whats happening to you?

me: Whats happening.. Killer headache. Losing breath. In one word, dying..

friend: Or on a more optimistic road. A minor block to a recovery! You're too gothic..hehe

me: Me gothic?? haha..okay then minor block to recovery it is..


i guess i dont remember each conversation word by word, but i almost got it..


Conversation 2

me: I havent been well all year actually but my parents dont believe im ill.

friend2: haha..did you see a doctor? 

me: jus the local one..told me to see "pakar"

friend2: did you??

me: no, my parents didnt want to..

friend2: what are you gonna do now??

me: just go to school.. pretend like im fine.. no more sick room.. and collapsed when i cant stand it..

friend2: haha. u go prove them wrong then..hehe..


so..i guess those were 2 of the many conversations I had yesterday.. thanks y'all..really needed the love.. 

These songs im listening to are vry soft..turns on the serenity in me, gives composure hehe.. gona carry on with that task now..i feel a lot calmer for it..not only because of the songs but because of those conversations i had.. hehe

Peace out~

Friday, June 19, 2009

so he asked, "what subjects have you got in school today??"

im still vry3 ill..getting worse..listening to 3 songs on tha playlist..the only 3 songs i want 2 hear rite nw..

a little bit longer - Nick Jonas, Breathe - Taylor Swift and Breathe slow - Alesha Dixon

so the entire week ive been so vry ill...n i knw it puts burden on other ppl..lyk..the skool..n my frens.. i go 2 skool..get in the sick room..n the nex day i stil attend skool..the only reason 4 dat is..wel..cuz..apparently..2 my illness is fake..i duno hw else 2 put so afraid tat ppl in skool is goin think im pretending gets so tiring..i dun think any1 wana hear the story ovr n ovr..or..have 2 carry me 2 the sick room ovr n ovr..

So..tis mum had left the house early 2 work..usually if i tell my mum i'm ill..she has her doubts bt stil let me stay home at 2day since she's gone, i had 2 confront my dad wit it..i've done tis so mny tyms b4..n as always he wud think its tats exactly wat hppened..i tol him im ill.. n he asked.."what subjects have you got in school today??" tat 1 question shows clearly tat he thinks im trying 2 avoid certain subjects in skool...i ws pretty i jus went 2 my room, locked the doors..b4 i cud stop myself, i cried..i screamed quietly..(bet u wondering hw i do tat)..n then i told myself..~aite gurl, u goin 2 skool 2day~

I brought a lot of tissues wit me 2 skool bcuz i sorta knew tat i ws gonna need them..boy, ws i right about that~ I ws climbing the skool stairs n wen i reached the top..i lent against a wall..tryin 2 catch my assembly..i sat at the back..i didnt stand..i let out a few tears..of cuz avoiding ppl..a friend of mine who has the sme illness also sat wit me during assembly..we both went 2 the sick room 2gether after tat..she barely goes 2 wen she does, im super happy 2 c her.. ..i told her i cudnt stay home 2day bt i resisted on telling y..she told me she cudnt neither..every1 sees her as this really happy person tho she's ill.. bt i saw it differently..cuz she goes thru tha sme pain as me..

I wanted 2 tell her bout my parents jus 2 know if she's goin thru wat i go thru wit my prents..bcuz i ws already goin i told her anyway..bout wat my dad said 2 me tis mrnin..n believe it or nt..she cudnt stay home 2day 4 the sme reason - her dad..her prents thot she faked as wel..all those days she dint attend skool..her mum jus cudnt care less anymore bcuz she ws so cnvinced that she's fake..OMG~ she went thru the sme thing..only her lil sisters believe her so wel..bcuz they c wat goes on in skool...i nvr thot that she wud she did..she understood evryting..she used 2 cry as much as i did bout she got so used 2 it..she jus cudnt cry nemore..

I ws so hpy tat she gets it.. I tell her a lil more bout stuff tats hppening aroun the house..n her family went thru the sme thing..

I jus thought, finally, i cn talk 2 sum1..she thought the sme thing..n i cudnt feel happier tho i cried..she ws right there telling me the sme stories tat hppen in her realy lifted a huge weight off me..

so anyway..posting a song on here..tis is a song written n sang by nick jonas..a little bit longer..he wrote tis song wen he gt the news about being diagnosed wit diabetes.. so i guess tats y i wana hear it..bcuz im so vry ill.. n tis song is about him being ill..

Lyrics | Jonas Brothers Lyrics | A Little Bit Longer Lyrics

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

fun art

im vry ill...heating up as well...jus post 2 tell y'all bout tis blog i share wit my sisters..its called "Fun Art" n its all bout sisters would post their paintings n arts..i would post sum of the stuff that ive sewn..

here it is..check it out..

need my rest nw..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

come home..

staying up again..tryna get another task done...listening 2 alesha dixon's breathe slow..i have it on repeat..i realy need composure rite nw...cuz boy, am i freakin out~~

jus gt a couple of tings tat i wana get off ma chest

getting ovr tis sh*t ting..its so wrong..tryna show ure real gd..yea i dun doubt hell ure tryin 2 jus dont bring effect..ure effort shows too much..n it makes u look real stupid..if u wana show 2 sum1 ure so thru wit it, make it effortless...~ u knw who u r if im talkin bout u..

over wit tat..jus talking bout tha prson 1 or 2 posts down....or 3..yea..we had our ups n i remember all the great stuff we did 2gether..tho i do feel safer witout u around..i stil wan u home..wenever u cn..u dun have 2 be aroun wen the man's aroun..jus b aroun evrywen else..i kinda miss havin u aroun tho u stink so much yet u try so hard 2 smell nice..haha..n i ws alwayz kidding wen i said ure hair ws suckish..hehe..u look i meant it bout ure glasses nerd..~~ bt the conclusion is..jus cum nice 2 tha king n queen..n go bac 2 hitting the books..sumtin tat mite actualy giv u a gd chance of a great future...yea..i have problems trusting ppl cuz of i sed..miss havin ya home..

gettin late...gona finish off tat task..PEACE OUT~~

breathe slow - alesha dixon

luving tis song at tha 4 gals who need composure..lyk i seriously do rite nw..haha!!

Lyrics | Alesha Dixon Lyrics | Breathe Slow Lyrics

Sunday, June 14, 2009

last day of hols..

went 2 KLCC again..tis tym wit umi, abi n anas wit us..we didnt do much..jus play at the playground..n just gt summut 2 eat frm cold storage n took picz....

KLCC wit fam - 14.06.09 categoried under day outings..

i finally finished tat hp cases..n dress almos done..mite b a hung project tho since skool is starting..wel..nt gt much 2 say 2nite..nt in a full on mood...

ovr n out~~

Saturday, June 13, 2009

happy day out~ ^_^

ystrday went out wit my 2 sisters 2 KLCC..

thursday tha dinner table..all three of us doubted vry much tat neither umi or abi will let us kakak has 2 go anyway 2 UIA 2 hand in her dorm tha plan ws 2 tel umi n abi tat me n najah want 2 cmpny her 2 UIA..then aftr tat, without their notice we go 2 KLCC 2 c Hannah Montanna The Movie..n wel jus hav a nice day out..

so we did exactly umi n abi we're goin wit kakak 2 of cuz abi knows by mind we wana go elsewhere..hehe..he knows us well..n so we went 2 his office friday mrnin n he gave us summut 2 spend..n then in the elevator..he asked "Nape x g KLCC?? G la KLCC.." n we were lyk..*WOW*..he read our minds..hehe..abi dropped us off at Serdang ktm...n wit abi's approval..we went 2 KLCC..n kakak cntinued her journey 2 UIA n najah went 2 KLCC ws stil early in tha mrnin, so of cuz mny shops were nt opened yet..HM movie starts at me n najah jus went 4 sumut 2 drink then hit Kinokuniya....when kakak arrived, we did sum window shoppin n aftr the movie we hit cold storage 4 sum takeout 2 eat by the fountain at the park..the view ws great..honestly i cnt remember the last tym i went 2 KLCC..of cuz me n my sisters had a lot of laughs, real funny laughs, sumtin i haven't done in a while, especially wit najah around..evrything's hilarious...n we ended walking out of tha park stil laughing n me looking slightly drunk as usual..haha..abi already called 4 us 2 get bac we gt on the unfortunately, 4 abi, fortunate 4 us, we gt stranded at KL central..hehe..of cuz we had more tym 4 window shopping..n sit down 4 drinks...finally, around 3.30 we gt on a train n head home..

newayz..bac 2 the main reason 4 goin 2 KLCC..

my thoughts on the movie..

the movie ws super funneh..set in L.A. at the beginning then mostly in alwayz..Hannah Montanna gets a lot of spotlite..and wit her big secret, its hard 2 keep an average life even in her hometown..n of alwayz, situations get complicated..

I think, if u enjoy funny disney movies, even if ur nt a crazy miley fan..u should c the movie..bcuz frankly, its probably the best disney movie i've seen..excluding disney channel original movies tho, cuz then HSM's the best...hehe...

Tell me why..

can't believe u wud do tis is 4 u..again another song im posting 4 u...honestly..tis song fits quite well..nt in every pretty well...

plzzz...nt again...enuf tension 4 us all...n u knw who i mean by 'us all'.. I'm nt bulletproof..n i mite b the only 1 who's u shud knw hw much is enuf..

Tell me why...

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

can't believe it!!

I ws scanning thru V's site..( n I realize her HUGE photo gallery of UK picz has more photos than mine!! HAH!! Can't believe it!! So i stole them..looks lyk v has more time 2 upload her she aint gt new photos..she hasn't been logging in l8ly..wel anywayz..

new photos:

  • american adventure 
  • alor setar 08 
  • around town 
  • cameron highlands 
  • indoor summer activities 
  • jubilee park 
  • najah's b'day party 
  • camping kt Norfolk 
  • queen's park 
  • raya 07 
  • umi's garden

    and finally..

  • ma siblings

    bt as i scrolled down, i realized she has an extra album~!!

  • 19 buckingham drive

    yes..our last home b4 heading bac 2 m'sia..categoried under around LB..

    moving on..2day's day ws hibiscus garden at Taman Tasik Perdana..then 2 Mydin myself sum sewing equipment 4 smocked dresses..n 4 tha 1st tym in a long while, i wsn't alwyz tip-tapping on my phone!! Haha!!

    newayz..gettin l8, heading 2 bed now~~
  • Tuesday, June 09, 2009


    wel..i ws texting wit 1 of me besties jus nt long ago..n we kinda fell into a fite..humm2..its 1 of my guy besties so i guess things gt too tite..i needed tha space..n need tym wit tha gurlzz..i hvnt gtten 2 do a lot of tat l8ly..huhu.. I asked my dad bout hanging wit tha gurlz tis Sat..he turned it down flat rite on tha spot!! HUWWAAA!!! jus 1 gurls day out n nt kinda feeling realy least i text tha gurlz wenever i cn..

    newayz..enuf wit tat..i mentioned bout making a denim working on tha bag 1st..n spend a couple of hours in the mrnin 2 get sum of those hp cases done..then i cn start working on tha dress..wen its done, i'll definitely put a pic of it on tha site..n i also want 2 launch a business blog excited!! hehe..

    k..heading 4 bed nw..

    Monday, June 08, 2009

    almost a week, its getting worse..

    just gt bac frm Kuantan ystrdy evening...aint gt mny seeing my cousins again ws great...

    tha crazy dayz are bac...gossip3..hehehe...i told them bout the prson on tha post below..gosh they're younger n so elder cousin ws at U...she's cuming the next day...gve her a call on tha 1st nite in Ktn..she kept whining bout her dorm room being as hot as an oven..cuz they had 2 share a room with 5 ppl...n also talked bout eating instant noodles all week..reminds me of my bruv..he ate noodles wit his mates in a bucket tat they used 4 their laundry..n he said he cud stil taste tha laundry detergent..yuck2!! bleecchh!!..

    newayz...movin on..bout wats getting worse..nuttin big..jus a bruise i gt aftr a blood checkup..i didnt use 2 get bruises aftr blood checkups..xcept 4 wen i ws sent 2 hosp earlier tis yr cuz fainted in front of the shower..but jus tat more bruises aftr blood tis one's strange..n its getting worse n i think its okay...

    only one week of hols left..i plan 2 make a denim dress..i'll post a pic wen its done..

    goin nw..c ya!!!

    Tuesday, June 02, 2009


    I really3 vry3 much miss u.. All I hope is tat ure hving a great time on ur holiday..whereever u r rite nw.. I post a lot of song lyrics on here...hehe...only cuz they hve a meaning behind it..lately everything I do, like listen to music, go shopping, talk on the phone wit my mates..reminds me of u..i really do miss u tat much..n im really one's 4 u...


    Lyrics | Taylor Swift Lyrics | Breathe Lyrics