Monday, June 08, 2009

almost a week, its getting worse..

just gt bac frm Kuantan ystrdy evening...aint gt mny seeing my cousins again ws great...

tha crazy dayz are bac...gossip3..hehehe...i told them bout the prson on tha post below..gosh they're younger n so elder cousin ws at U...she's cuming the next day...gve her a call on tha 1st nite in Ktn..she kept whining bout her dorm room being as hot as an oven..cuz they had 2 share a room with 5 ppl...n also talked bout eating instant noodles all week..reminds me of my bruv..he ate noodles wit his mates in a bucket tat they used 4 their laundry..n he said he cud stil taste tha laundry detergent..yuck2!! bleecchh!!..

newayz...movin on..bout wats getting worse..nuttin big..jus a bruise i gt aftr a blood checkup..i didnt use 2 get bruises aftr blood checkups..xcept 4 wen i ws sent 2 hosp earlier tis yr cuz fainted in front of the shower..but jus tat more bruises aftr blood tis one's strange..n its getting worse n i think its okay...

only one week of hols left..i plan 2 make a denim dress..i'll post a pic wen its done..

goin nw..c ya!!!

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