Wednesday, June 10, 2009

can't believe it!!

I ws scanning thru V's site..( n I realize her HUGE photo gallery of UK picz has more photos than mine!! HAH!! Can't believe it!! So i stole them..looks lyk v has more time 2 upload her she aint gt new photos..she hasn't been logging in l8ly..wel anywayz..

new photos:

  • american adventure 
  • alor setar 08 
  • around town 
  • cameron highlands 
  • indoor summer activities 
  • jubilee park 
  • najah's b'day party 
  • camping kt Norfolk 
  • queen's park 
  • raya 07 
  • umi's garden

    and finally..

  • ma siblings

    bt as i scrolled down, i realized she has an extra album~!!

  • 19 buckingham drive

    yes..our last home b4 heading bac 2 m'sia..categoried under around LB..

    moving on..2day's day ws hibiscus garden at Taman Tasik Perdana..then 2 Mydin myself sum sewing equipment 4 smocked dresses..n 4 tha 1st tym in a long while, i wsn't alwyz tip-tapping on my phone!! Haha!!

    newayz..gettin l8, heading 2 bed now~~
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