Tuesday, June 16, 2009

come home..

staying up again..tryna get another task done...listening 2 alesha dixon's breathe slow..i have it on repeat..i realy need composure rite nw...cuz boy, am i freakin out~~

jus gt a couple of tings tat i wana get off ma chest

getting ovr tis sh*t ting..its so wrong..tryna show ure real gd..yea i dun doubt it..bt hell ure tryin 2 hard...it jus dont bring effect..ure effort shows too much..n it makes u look real stupid..if u wana show 2 sum1 ure so thru wit it, make it effortless...~ u knw who u r if im talkin bout u..

over wit tat..jus talking bout tha prson 1 or 2 posts down....or 3..yea..we had our ups n downs..bt i remember all the great stuff we did 2gether..tho i do feel safer witout u around..i stil wan u home..so..cum home..wenever u cn..u dun have 2 be aroun wen the man's aroun..jus b aroun evrywen else..i kinda miss havin u aroun tho u stink so much yet u try so hard 2 smell nice..haha..n i ws alwayz kidding wen i said ure hair ws suckish..hehe..u look fine..bt i meant it bout ure glasses tho..total nerd..~~ bt the conclusion is..jus cum home..talk nice 2 tha king n queen..n go bac 2 hitting the books..sumtin tat mite actualy giv u a gd chance of a great future...yea..i have problems trusting ppl cuz of u..bt..lyk i sed..miss havin ya home..

gettin late...gona finish off tat task..PEACE OUT~~

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