Saturday, June 13, 2009

happy day out~ ^_^

ystrday went out wit my 2 sisters 2 KLCC..

thursday tha dinner table..all three of us doubted vry much tat neither umi or abi will let us kakak has 2 go anyway 2 UIA 2 hand in her dorm tha plan ws 2 tel umi n abi tat me n najah want 2 cmpny her 2 UIA..then aftr tat, without their notice we go 2 KLCC 2 c Hannah Montanna The Movie..n wel jus hav a nice day out..

so we did exactly umi n abi we're goin wit kakak 2 of cuz abi knows by mind we wana go elsewhere..hehe..he knows us well..n so we went 2 his office friday mrnin n he gave us summut 2 spend..n then in the elevator..he asked "Nape x g KLCC?? G la KLCC.." n we were lyk..*WOW*..he read our minds..hehe..abi dropped us off at Serdang ktm...n wit abi's approval..we went 2 KLCC..n kakak cntinued her journey 2 UIA n najah went 2 KLCC ws stil early in tha mrnin, so of cuz mny shops were nt opened yet..HM movie starts at me n najah jus went 4 sumut 2 drink then hit Kinokuniya....when kakak arrived, we did sum window shoppin n aftr the movie we hit cold storage 4 sum takeout 2 eat by the fountain at the park..the view ws great..honestly i cnt remember the last tym i went 2 KLCC..of cuz me n my sisters had a lot of laughs, real funny laughs, sumtin i haven't done in a while, especially wit najah around..evrything's hilarious...n we ended walking out of tha park stil laughing n me looking slightly drunk as usual..haha..abi already called 4 us 2 get bac we gt on the unfortunately, 4 abi, fortunate 4 us, we gt stranded at KL central..hehe..of cuz we had more tym 4 window shopping..n sit down 4 drinks...finally, around 3.30 we gt on a train n head home..

newayz..bac 2 the main reason 4 goin 2 KLCC..

my thoughts on the movie..

the movie ws super funneh..set in L.A. at the beginning then mostly in alwayz..Hannah Montanna gets a lot of spotlite..and wit her big secret, its hard 2 keep an average life even in her hometown..n of alwayz, situations get complicated..

I think, if u enjoy funny disney movies, even if ur nt a crazy miley fan..u should c the movie..bcuz frankly, its probably the best disney movie i've seen..excluding disney channel original movies tho, cuz then HSM's the best...hehe...

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