Sunday, June 21, 2009

A minor block to a recovery!

staying up again..finishing off a task for school.. currently listening to a nasyeed playlist on my imeem since everytime i play a playlist from the computer, it turns the internet connection off..hurrmm2..wonder wadup wit tat..

anyway..since i wasn't so well on friday and skipped school on saturday (replacement for eid) people called and texted me to ask if im this is one short dialog..


Conversation 1

friend:I dont know how to ask so i just be frank. what's up? haha. well i really wanted to ask you if you have been well these past few days..

me: Im not well. Im just really very3 ill and i really cant be in school or go out too often.

friend: Whats happening to you?

me: Whats happening.. Killer headache. Losing breath. In one word, dying..

friend: Or on a more optimistic road. A minor block to a recovery! You're too gothic..hehe

me: Me gothic?? haha..okay then minor block to recovery it is..


i guess i dont remember each conversation word by word, but i almost got it..


Conversation 2

me: I havent been well all year actually but my parents dont believe im ill.

friend2: haha..did you see a doctor? 

me: jus the local one..told me to see "pakar"

friend2: did you??

me: no, my parents didnt want to..

friend2: what are you gonna do now??

me: just go to school.. pretend like im fine.. no more sick room.. and collapsed when i cant stand it..

friend2: haha. u go prove them wrong then..hehe..


so..i guess those were 2 of the many conversations I had yesterday.. thanks y'all..really needed the love.. 

These songs im listening to are vry soft..turns on the serenity in me, gives composure hehe.. gona carry on with that task now..i feel a lot calmer for it..not only because of the songs but because of those conversations i had.. hehe

Peace out~

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