Tuesday, June 09, 2009


wel..i ws texting wit 1 of me besties jus nt long ago..n we kinda fell into a fite..humm2..its 1 of my guy besties so i guess things gt too tite..i needed tha space..n need tym wit tha gurlzz..i hvnt gtten 2 do a lot of tat l8ly..huhu.. I asked my dad bout hanging wit tha gurlz tis Sat..he turned it down flat rite on tha spot!! HUWWAAA!!! jus 1 gurls day out n nt allowed..humm2...so yea..im kinda feeling realy lonely...at least i text tha gurlz wenever i cn..

newayz..enuf wit tat..i mentioned bout making a denim dress..n..wel..im working on tha bag 1st..n spend a couple of hours in the mrnin 2 get sum of those hp cases done..then i cn start working on tha dress..wen its done, i'll definitely put a pic of it on tha site..n i also want 2 launch a business blog soon..im excited!! hehe..

k..heading 4 bed nw..

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