Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Coke tastes so good when I'm dizzy..

I hate it when piczo loses blog posts.. But they always put them back..~

Currently listening to Vanessa Hudgens Sneakernight album.. haven't listened to it for a while.. Current song playing - Hook it up

So what's been going on lately.. Well apologies to mates who I mis-sent text messages to.. I've been doing that a lot lately to quite a few people.. I have crazy headaches at night..I mis-clicked the buttons..haha.. And I know some people are slightly frustated with that..hehe..so sorry..

Song Change - Last Night

I'm a little annoyed with someone right now..how could she do that to me..honestly, try and be happy with yourself for once.. Try and look at the things you have that others don't.. Stop thinking that you have the worst life out of everyone.. Because so many people go through worse things than you.. Stop being so selfish.. Stop thinking that you are always right.. And don't hurt others if you don't want them to hurt you.. Plus shut up if you don't have anything better to say..

Song Change - Papercut

Its somebody's birthday today!! hehe..happy 16th.. I can proudly say I'm the first to wish that person happy birthday at 12am this morning.. haha.. I hope that person had a great day.. hehe.. If that person reads this..


Song Change - Set it off

Tomorrow..another blood test at an-nur..I just keep wondering how much blood they're going to take this time.. How many tubes do they need?? How many tubes are they gonna spill?? Haha..~ Just yesterday, there was a biology experiment on rate of respiration (i think) and rate of heartbeat.. huhu..mine is a lot lower than everybody else.. expected that coming anyway..haha..

Final Song Change - Vulnerable (love this song)

aYan waiting for MUSLEH debate pics from a friend who is supposed to send them to me..can I have them please..huwaaa!!

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