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See the ring?? Just to prove to you that its my hand in the picture, this little pic was taken from a photo at Cameron Highlands, its in the "Cameron Highlands 09" page somewhere..with the caption "tryna fit everybody in"..

Anyways..I wear this ring practically almost everywhere I go..except for school.. I wore it to the MUSLEH debate, I wore it for the mock debate last week (if anybody noticed), I wear it when I go shopping, I wear it to events..appointments, blood tests..such and such.. Its very special to me..wanna know why?? keep reading..

You know how girls where makeup or jewellery for confidence?? (maybe you don't know) Well, I call this ring my "confidence ring".. It was bought for me by my elder sister a couple of years ago during a shopping spree.. I'm not a huge fan of bracelets or necklaces.. and the only piece of makeup accessory I enjoy wearing would be eye-liner and lip balm (which technically, does not count as makeup).. So she wanted to buy me a piece of jewellery, since I didn't like bracelets and all that so I suggested rings..

Since then, I wore this ring everywhere I go..because somehow I feel confident with this particular ring.. I do own other rings which also give me confidence..hehe..but this ring had something different about it..maybe the place it was bought..or the day it was bougth..or..maybe the person who bought it..but either way, out of all rings I have, this is the one I feel most confident with..

And that is the story of my confidence ring..

Unfortunately, people tend to misunderstand the ring for a certain commitment..which is rather crazy.. About a month ago, a guy friend called me up.. He asked about the ring, "are you engaged or something??", of course not..and I explained that the ring was from my sister.. A couple of people at school also think that I'm not single, which is rather funny, if y'all read my past posts, I mentioned I don't want a certain special someone for a long, long, long time..

Okay, yes..admitting the fact that I have many close guy friends which a majority of them don't go to my school anyway..but don't get it wrong, I'm not with anyone..

The reason I'm typing this is because some rumour spread that I'm "with" this guy who just happens to be super-close to me.. I just want to clear it out..I'm still single and mingling..haha~

Its a confidence ring, and yes, if y'all happen to see me out and about, I'll be wearing this everywhere..^_^

Now, moving on to the daily thoughts and ding dongs.. Blood test was cancelled on wednesday and postponed to thursday, but since I was giving my commitment to debate on thursday after school (unlike some people who were supposed to be there but weren't), the blood test is cancelled again and the date is moved to today but not sure what time..

But anywayz.. I'm pissed with someone right now.. Usually when I talk about someone on this blog, I refer to them as "that person" and rarely as their name.. but this time I'm being straight. It's a he. He was a close friend.. he hangs with my bruv constantly, which I have no problem with, but he couldn't come straight to me to ask about my status, he had to go and ask my close girlfriends about whatever he wanted to know about me.. I've told him already the truth, unfortunately, he didn't trust my words.. Well if you don't believe what I told you, I'm fine with that but don't go around asking my girls anything~!!

He was a close friend, was.. now I don't really know anymore.. I ws never "with" him or anything but this song is for you anyway..

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