Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I dOn'T kNoW wHat TiTle To PuT..

feeling down with no chocolate to fix the heart..getting a fever..but thankfully I already have an appoinment with my doctor today..

Changed two things on the site if you've noticed..

-The header pic ~ remember the ring I blogged about not long ago..just wana give y'all a clearer view of it..
-The playlist ~ these are the songs I've been listening to lately..some breakup songs, some just songs to keep me happy..

Talking of breakup, I found an old post by a friend of mine on her myspace (I'm not addicted to it), its about breakup tips. Haha.. I've tried some of them before, they work! 

One of them was, remember the bad things that your ex have done to you.. Trust me, it makes you feel a lot better..hehe..

Btw, I've been addicted to making signs lately..cuz I've requested signs from others, thus I have to make them signs in if you want me to make you one just leave a message to my piczo, email or comment or something..

aite..aYan logging out of piczo~

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