Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm a kid..hehe

Listening to Boys Like Girls feat. Taylor Swift. Two Is Better Than One..its on repeat..
Currently completing a bio folio..humm..

Yesterday, me and my family went to Carrefour Subang Jaya.. and najah wanted to go to Subang Parade which is right next to Carrefour.. but..abi didn’t let We tried to enjoy ourselves..

We went to browse the kid’s isle..full of toys.. Y’all know how there are those baby toys with lots of buttons to press.. and huge colourful pianos.. We were so bored that we pressed every button that can be pressed on those toys.. We made quite a noise at the isle..but thankfully there was not many people was really fun.. 

So where did all the kids go?? We looked around..apparently Carrefour hired a clown to make balloons for the kids.. All the kids were crowding and waiting for a balloon.. I wanted so much to join the crowd of kids and get myself a specially-shaped balloon.. But of would seem rather awkward since all the kids were not taller than 1 metre..hehe..and if I joined the kids.. Najah was ready to make a run for it..hehe..

So we carried on browsing at different isles..staying well away from the clown..
But later..when the crowd of kids had disappeared..the clown saw me looking at shoes..

clown: Hye..(huge smile)
me: hye..(huge smile back at him)
clown:…(just stare)
me: Can I get a balloon..?
clown: hehe..sure.. What shape do you want? (blew up a long red balloon with the pump)
me: (giggle) I don’t know..surprise me..

Everyone around saw me get a balloon from the clown..then..suddenly other older kids weren’t afraid to ask for a balloon too..hehe.. I thanked the clown..and left with my red flower balloon..

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