Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Much better..

Got bac from my appointment with the doctor around 3..

Blood test results..thankfully, things are improving..blood count back to normal..and practically everything else is pretty good now..including rate of blood pressure..^_^ strangely, my body is still very tired at times..the doctor says there are so many more tests to take..

When I became her patient, she didn't think it would be difficult to diagnose me..but now she sees the symptoms are too general..she mentioned about a certain disease [which I didn't catch the name of]..the cause of this particular disease cannot be found.. Its when your body just gets tired when it wants to, but all your blood tests and all that are perfectly fine..but she also said that no doctor will suspect the disease unless every possible test is I have thousands more tests to take..

Next appointment is in 2 test is not a blood test but an ULTRASOUND~~on my other ovary~~ awww..mann.. I really don't want to know the status of my sterility at this age..haha.. If y'all know my health story back in 2007, you'll know what I'm on about..hehe..anyways..ultrasound is not taken in an-nur but in KPJ in Kajang..

Huhh..I'm not worried about having an ultrasound, but I'm just worried of the results..if my cyst repeats, just do the operation but don't tell me..cuz I really don't want to know, although I have to..

Moving on..enough health talk, this song is from the Lines, Vines, and Trying Times album by the Jonas Brothers..I love it cuz of the whole story behind the song..hehe

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