Sunday, August 23, 2009

patient with the internet~

just quick updates..

After a long hard research[??!!] haha..and a lot of patience with internet.. I finally got the hang of using iframes.. thanks to xvintage-codes~!! I applied the use of iframe for all of V's pages, excluding V eDitz..and maybe in the future..when I'm a little more dedicated and a lot less lazy..hehe..I might just use iframe for the entire site..or might not..iframes are tricky..

If you noticed, I also got rid of the piczo toolbar at the top.. It just finally got too annoying.. I just wonder how I was patient with it before and didn't remove it earlier..hmm..

earlier updates..

V eDitz - features V's blends when she was messing around with PS..and..
Daily Ding Dongs~my monthly google calendar..don't ask me what ding dong means.. I just like saying it..

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