Saturday, August 15, 2009

piczo fight..

a shout to all my piczo friends..don't fight..please..settle nicely..don't hack into each other's websites and start deleting everything.. and for those being b*tches, just STOP. 

I did some rounds to all my piczo mates sites..and someone had like a stupid fight over some web modelling thing.. people said, she was the b*tch, some say the abuser was the b*tch.. Come on~ no point fighting over the net..its so stupid.. Don't let haters bring you down.. Keep doing what you do.. 

If you're wondering..I'm team hannah!!

Btw..also wishing happy birthday to a friend of mine currently in the USA, anip.. happy 15th~!!

Update 4.25pm - Since V's killing her piczo site, "my personal favz" page has been changed to V eDitz..just mostly for V's graphics and mine.. 

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