Friday, August 28, 2009

rich to richest~

These picz were published with permission of my bruv..haha


Last night.. My siblings and I played a game of saidina.. We started playing right after buke pose.. around 8.15..It was the five of us..anas teamed up with abg..he threw the dice for abg..anas had this lucky prayer...

"bismillah..smoge abg sye dpt mng.."

..hehe..he'd say it everytime he throws the dice..we stopped at 9 for tarawih then continued at 10...kakak forfeit since she was too sleepy to then its jus me, najah abg n anas..

Abg bought almost everything he landed on and made 4 houses on almost every single one of his of and najah ended up paying him a lot money..and we ended up giving up our properties to him..he had this very evil laugh..and it was pretty annoying..we just wanted to slap his face everytime he laughed like that..humm.. He got rich pretty fast..

Then he landed on a decision step..picked up a card and BAM!! He had to pay tax for every single one of his house..hahaha..serves him right for the evil laugh!! But I guessed it didn't stop him from winning.. We played until 12.30.. and he won anyway..

..bummer.. he can get his hairy legs out of me and najah's room..


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