Monday, September 28, 2009

This is a story about a lawyer.

2nd Syawal 1430H. I came home (umah datuk) from the beach around 7. I went upstairs to the girls room and found my elder cousin, who is a law student at UiTM, talking to my aunty, who happens to be a successful lawyer. My younger cousins were there too, looking rather interested in the conversation. So was I. Very interested.

My aunty was a science student back in high school when she was fully determined and commited to get accepted for medic in UM. Unfortunately, even with good SPM results, she failed to do so thus putting her in frustration. So she then went to seek help from a teacher who suggested for her to take law instead. At first she very much disliked the idea of taking law, but somehow in the end, the teacher managed to convince her into it. ...How? Why??

By this time, my younger cousins were....sort of..listening..

Her voice went on.

"Law is a combination of science and arts"

Okay, my aunty loves science. Of course when you're a lawyer working on murder cases or health-related cases such and such, this is where science comes in.. So where does art go??

Obviously art in law is not drawing, painting or editing pictures in photoshop..hehe..

Law -----> Art = Literature

Literature?? I immediately thought of the vocabs and the big 10-letter words she was using throughout her entire dialog and how I was nowhere near that. I can never make dramatic sentences like she does though I can definitely make a scene when I'm mad or gaga..

Thinking back, she didn't mention earlier that she was into literature. So, NOW she decides to tell us about her involvements in debates and public speaking. One of her achievements was coming in second place for public speaking in Piala Diraja Pahang. If she came first, she would have represented Pahang for the national competition. Wow. All I could do was rub my ring.

By the way, at this point my younger cousins were fast asleep..

When I listen to my aunty's experiences, she made it feel like law is the most desirable course to take. However, of course, in every good thing there is always a glitch..

When you're a lawyer working for the public, you always fear that one day you might have defended the wrong person. Or charge the wrong person for a crime they didn't commit, or intend to commit. Therefore, being a lawyer is not always a noble job. Even though my aunty loves her career as a lawyer, she admits that if she had a chance to, she would love to become a doctor or teacher instead, providing her service in more accepted or honoured way by everyone.

I've no clue why I was so focused in the conversation, but conclusion here is, when my aunty decided to become a doctor, she ignored her other potential, which is speaking in public. But in the end, she found a path where both her strengths are joined together.

Science + Arts = Law.

Morals to take:
1. When making choices for a course you want to take in U, always think widely and open your mind to other options.
2. Never talk law with those 12 below, they'll sleep.
3. Law is not for me..hehe..


me: you're cute ---- lil' cuz: I know!

Humm..since piczo is retarted until nowhere to upload raya picz..

First raya..

Najah: Your "baju kurung" is already nice, but are you seriously gonna wear those shoes..??
Me: I don't have other shoes. These are my raya shoes..

Second raya..

Some guy on the beach: Phewwitt~!! Baju dah lawa dah.. Kasut rock arr!!
Me thinking: I donno u.. Wadeve..

Third Raya..

Adik sepupu: Hahaha!! Kakyan..tu kasut raye kakyan ke?? Clash larr!!
Me: Ye..gelak larr..

If you had raya with me this'll know what shoes I wore..hehe.. Owh wasn't that bad....was it..?


Friday, September 18, 2009

..its finally over..

I want you to know that it doesnt matter
Where we take this road someone's gotta go
And I want you to know you couldn't have loved me better
But I want you to move on so I'm already gone

I'm saying "finally" not as a sign of relief.. But as a sign of "we saw it coming"..

Been months now.. It was becoming pretty clear to the both of us.. But unfortunately, I didn't know how to tell this to the girls because what they saw was a very close friendship full of happiness..

Maybe some of the girls know but my long time school best friend doesn't know this.. I don't know how to tell her.. It just happened so fast.. One minute everything was perfectly fine, then the next hour was crashing and burning..

So no more messages, phone calls, chocolates... Just left with a broken heart...

Its true people say the song you're attached to is chosen by your heart to reflect your current status or situation, for my case.. So to all those peeps who spread shit rumours and still spreading them now.. Just let it go already.. They were never true anyway..

Lyrics | Kelly Clarkson Lyrics | Already Gone Lyrics

*This song is first on the jukebox, by the way, if you wanna listen..

And talking of my school best friend, its her birthday today.. Happy sweet 16, dearest.. ^_^


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Girl code. Best friend code. ~ Backstabber

So....what if this best friend or best girl is a backstabbing b*tch.. She exposes every sh*t about you to the world..whether its real or fake.. What do you do then..??

What would I do if my best girl is a backstabber??

First of all, be cool and calm. For one thing, you have to know confidently that you have other friends who knows you very well and wouldn't believe every rumour they hear..

Second of all, remember she's your best girl.. Don't act irrationally. If it helps to hold you back, flashback on a couple of happy memories.. Or if you're the aggressive, full of anger type, put away all her pictures.. Make sure her face is no where for you to be seen when you're at home.. Because if you see her in school, then home is the only time you are not around her.. Make sure she's not there with you..

There are other small things I did to avoid a breakdown.. But I don't have time to type all that.. Haha

Finally, again remember, she's still your best girl.. If you can't live with what she did.. Then its time you let her go.. But if can put up with it.. then it would be a friendship without trust..because you would have to keep your secrets away from her..which is not healthy by the way.. So, best you let her go..

Never fight fire with fire..

Note: I'm not advising. I'm pissed. So I'm telling the story.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beautiful, beautiful white gown..

My friend arrived with a red paper bag.. Of course all the girls are wondering what's in it...

What's in the bag?? I peeped inside and ended up digging out a beautiful, beautiful white gown with beaded flowers on it.. Apparently, one of my friends is getting ENGAGED..............................

So, okay..we all crowded.. What's this all about?? We never thought your man was gonna propose so soon??


"It's not him, it's someone else...."....

we were all like....."wuuuutt???"

She: Y'all know I've been having conflicts with Mr. X for ages..its not gona go on anymore.. I'm getting engaged with someone else..

Me: Does Mr. X know about this?? Do your parents approve??

She: No, I'm not telling Mr. X. My parents approve straight up.. He's a bussinessman..


Later, when I had a little privacy time with this friend, I asked her..


Me: Are you for real?

She: I don't know.. But its gona happen.. I want it to happen..

Me: Are you READY??!!

She: I don't know..

Me: What's his name?

She: ********i


Okay..I had a longer conversation with her about Mr. X and this new guy... So let it be.. All the girls know her conflicts with Mr. X.. Just marrying another man was not the solution we thought she would take... but girl, if you want this.. I'm with ya..


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Girl code. Best friend code. ~ Players and Ex[s]

Definition 1: The code that entitles a best friend to do something, mainly because they are the best friend. There aren't actually written rules, you just have to remain loyal. You'll know in your heart if it's something you have to do.

  • Don't back-stab your friend.
  • Don't black-mail your friend, even if she becomes an EX-friend.
  • Don't talk about your friend [badly] behind her back, unless it's just like a minor issue that you want to let off your shoulders.
  • Don't go out with your friend's brother unless she is fine with it.
  • Don't b*tch at her because you're having a bad day.
  • Don't choose a relationship over a true friendship, unless the friend is a back-stabbing b*tch who made your life miserable and only pretended to be your friend.


    There are so many more..but the one code I'm focusing on in this post is..


    An important BFF code: The unwritten rules of friendship. Never have a relationship with someone your best friend has feelings for. Never sleep with your best friend's exes, no matter what they say. Even if they say it's okay and they approve, don't do it if you are a true friend. And if you do, you're not a true friend.


    You've no idea how many times I repeated Demi Lovato's "World of Chances" that night...or how many times I repeated Alesha Dixon's "Breathe Slow" after rethinking the situation and how slightly, possibly a lot, pissed I was after that..

    Players, they always want the "buy one, get one free" offer.. I apologise~ I'm not a tuuuuut~!! You can't "buy one, get one free" with me and her..or with any girl for that matter. If you date her, I'm off-limits. Forever. If you date me, she's off-limits. Again stressing, FOREVER.
  • I stand by her for as long as she has feelings..


    Monday, September 14, 2009

    Just been for an ultrasound..

    I left school around 2 o'clock today for an ultrasound at KPJ, Kajang..

    I've told some of my friends I was going for an ultrasound and some of them were like, "Does it hurt??" Hehe..well.. I wouldn't know at the time since this is my first..

    I was kinda afraid but I knew its not painful.. I'm sure some of y'all reading have been for ultrasounds before.. No, it did not hurt except for when the doctor pressed the scanner against my scar. That hurts.

    Then I was also asked to take an x-ray.. Strange cuz my doctor from an-nur didn't say anything about an x-ray..

    The x-ray room was....scary.. I've been for x-rays before, but this one is different...

    I lent against the machine. The nurse said she was going to countdown and I have to take a deep breath and hold... Usually, its only because they want to get a perfect they need us to stay still.. But then...

    Nurse: Okay...tahan sikit ye... 1, 2, 3.. tarik nafas...

    And then



    Sunday, September 13, 2009

    On a search for a new photo gallery..

    My current photo gallery is still piczo, but since piczo is so difficult now (it takes forever), I have to find a new one for my hundreds and hundreds of snaps..

    A friend of mine suggested not long ago to list all of the "sort of good" photo galls and test them all out for a month, then choose my favourite. So, I took that idea and I ended up choosing these three for trying out:


    But if y'all have better suggestions, do let me know..

    Characteristics of what I want as my photo gall :

  • FREE. Completely 100% FREE.
  • Unlimited uploads and displays
  • Allow album passwords
  • Allow embed(ing) album or single photos
  • Provides a personal link eg. or

    I've already checked out flickr, photobucket, myphotoalbum, picasa, zoomr, imageshack and a couple others.. So far, one host that definitely fulfill all the charasteristics above is picoy, that would be the reason its my number one choice right now..but I'm still exploring.. ^_^

  • Saturday, September 12, 2009

    World of Chances..

    Why am I blogging so late..

    I had a fight with someone just not long ago.. Damn, it was a pretty bad fight because I think I just lost a friend.. I did try to apologise, but that just made it worse..

    "Apologies are often open ended, but this was better left unsaid~" - Demi Lovato

    You're not stupid, bangang, sucker, bodoh..or whatever else.. I never said any of that and if somebody did, FUCK THEM, because you're not all that..

    This was a song I shared with this person, and it had meaning to our friendship.. If its really over, at least I've blogged it so I won't forget..

    Lyrics | Demi Lovato Lyrics | World Of Chances Lyrics


    Friday, September 11, 2009

    I got a "GREEN MAGAZINE"....but its WHITE~!!

    ...this mag was also labelled UGLY by somebody.. But I happen to think its OKAY~

    Its a lot thinner than the past magazines, and the year 2008/4th edition was not written on the cover..

    But hey, I'm appreciating the very complicated design of the background for each freakin' page.. That's a WOW. I'm amazed.

    Changed my mind, LOVE the new magazine actually, probs be my favourite so far out of all 4 editions, ignoring the fact that I never saw the 1st one.. Maybe because this time it was a lot more practical and the design is waaaayy~~ better than the past ones.. No offence to those who helped make the earlier editions..hehe..

    k..just wanted to talk about that for my own pleasure... ^_^


    Monday, September 07, 2009

    Big, big, world....

    Yesterday, I stuck my phone to my ear for about an hour and a half, listening to a friend cry so badly and letting out feelings.. I barely said anything.. The only few words that I said was..

    "Its okay" -- "hmm" -- "yea, I know" -- "you're gonna be okay" -- "I'ts alright"

    You can pretty much guess what it's about...

    My sis told me about this song.. Quite an old song..but still love it.. Dedicated to this friend of mine and everyone who went through the same thing.. hehe

    Lyrics | Emilia Lyrics | Big Big World Lyrics


    Bring back the old piczo~!!

    I've been a loyal piczo member for 4 years and my personal site has been the same address since I first created it.. Piczo has made thousands of changes and I'm pretty sure most of them are improvements..

    Piczo has annoyed me a couple of times before by losing some of my photos that I had uploaded..but that was only because they were editing the navigations..such and such.. Soon enough, they recovered my photos.. They've also lost my blog posts but they recovered those too..

    What actually made me switch back to blogspot??

    Once upon a morning, I signed in to my piczo to check my piczo mail.. .....WTFJH??? All the piczo navigations have changed.. No one knows how to access their mail, access their friends list, edit their page or change their fact, there is no navigation to access all that.. There are so many more glitches that I didn't list, and I'm not the only one who hates them.. Practically EVERY PICZO MEMBER HATES PICZO now.. Most piczo members commented that they would have deleted their account if only they knew how to access the "My Account" page..~ I have to be honest.. Piczo sucks bad now..

    Why does Piczo sucks bad now??

    Rumour has it that piczo is now owned by StarDoll.. like OMG~ That really sucks.. No wonder the piczo theme colour now is hot pink~~!!

    So of course, with all this hate, Piczo members have come together to sign a petition to bring back the old piczo, and just to add to that, GIVE PICZO BACK TO ITS ORIGINAL OWNER~!! I really want my old piczo back because aku-raihan has been my personal site for ages..

    Here it is.. If you just happen to have a GoPetition account, do sign..

    Bring The Old Piczo Change Back

    Anyways.. Thats all I gotta say~~ Even if I do start using my piczo again, I'm not leaving blogspot..


    Saturday, September 05, 2009

    Back to blogspot..~

    Piczo changed.. originally, I wanted to keep my blog as piczo.. Because I've uploaded all my videos, photos, such and such there..and I've been a loyal piczo member since 15th July 2005, even when piczo gets annoying, and I had thoughts of switching blogs..I still stuck with piczo. Until now the versions changed..lost a couple of took them quite a while to recover and that was more than annoying..

    This is not a new blog.. I've used blogspot before.. This is a re-lived blog.. So I have all my old posts ever since December 2004.. and I transferred my blogposts from piczo to here.. I didn't kill my piczo though.. Its just a gallery now..

    What else to say.. I didn't really like this design.. But my sisters wanted it to be feminine.. so okay.. whatever.. But credits to them for the header pic, Najah chose the caption, I don't really mind..and kakak designed it..[Abg didn't install PS on this comp]

    Besides that, welcome to my re-lived 2004 blog~