Saturday, September 05, 2009

Back to blogspot..~

Piczo changed.. originally, I wanted to keep my blog as piczo.. Because I've uploaded all my videos, photos, such and such there..and I've been a loyal piczo member since 15th July 2005, even when piczo gets annoying, and I had thoughts of switching blogs..I still stuck with piczo. Until now the versions changed..lost a couple of took them quite a while to recover and that was more than annoying..

This is not a new blog.. I've used blogspot before.. This is a re-lived blog.. So I have all my old posts ever since December 2004.. and I transferred my blogposts from piczo to here.. I didn't kill my piczo though.. Its just a gallery now..

What else to say.. I didn't really like this design.. But my sisters wanted it to be feminine.. so okay.. whatever.. But credits to them for the header pic, Najah chose the caption, I don't really mind..and kakak designed it..[Abg didn't install PS on this comp]

Besides that, welcome to my re-lived 2004 blog~


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