Monday, September 07, 2009

Bring back the old piczo~!!

I've been a loyal piczo member for 4 years and my personal site has been the same address since I first created it.. Piczo has made thousands of changes and I'm pretty sure most of them are improvements..

Piczo has annoyed me a couple of times before by losing some of my photos that I had uploaded..but that was only because they were editing the navigations..such and such.. Soon enough, they recovered my photos.. They've also lost my blog posts but they recovered those too..

What actually made me switch back to blogspot??

Once upon a morning, I signed in to my piczo to check my piczo mail.. .....WTFJH??? All the piczo navigations have changed.. No one knows how to access their mail, access their friends list, edit their page or change their fact, there is no navigation to access all that.. There are so many more glitches that I didn't list, and I'm not the only one who hates them.. Practically EVERY PICZO MEMBER HATES PICZO now.. Most piczo members commented that they would have deleted their account if only they knew how to access the "My Account" page..~ I have to be honest.. Piczo sucks bad now..

Why does Piczo sucks bad now??

Rumour has it that piczo is now owned by StarDoll.. like OMG~ That really sucks.. No wonder the piczo theme colour now is hot pink~~!!

So of course, with all this hate, Piczo members have come together to sign a petition to bring back the old piczo, and just to add to that, GIVE PICZO BACK TO ITS ORIGINAL OWNER~!! I really want my old piczo back because aku-raihan has been my personal site for ages..

Here it is.. If you just happen to have a GoPetition account, do sign..

Bring The Old Piczo Change Back

Anyways.. Thats all I gotta say~~ Even if I do start using my piczo again, I'm not leaving blogspot..


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