Thursday, September 17, 2009

Girl code. Best friend code. ~ Backstabber

So....what if this best friend or best girl is a backstabbing b*tch.. She exposes every sh*t about you to the world..whether its real or fake.. What do you do then..??

What would I do if my best girl is a backstabber??

First of all, be cool and calm. For one thing, you have to know confidently that you have other friends who knows you very well and wouldn't believe every rumour they hear..

Second of all, remember she's your best girl.. Don't act irrationally. If it helps to hold you back, flashback on a couple of happy memories.. Or if you're the aggressive, full of anger type, put away all her pictures.. Make sure her face is no where for you to be seen when you're at home.. Because if you see her in school, then home is the only time you are not around her.. Make sure she's not there with you..

There are other small things I did to avoid a breakdown.. But I don't have time to type all that.. Haha

Finally, again remember, she's still your best girl.. If you can't live with what she did.. Then its time you let her go.. But if can put up with it.. then it would be a friendship without trust..because you would have to keep your secrets away from her..which is not healthy by the way.. So, best you let her go..

Never fight fire with fire..

Note: I'm not advising. I'm pissed. So I'm telling the story.



something said...

aYan. We share a lot in common. I was surfing then I got to ur bl0g. Long time no surf. (if u wonder who i am)I'm a sis very much close to u.maybe not ur best girl.okay here's a hint. In most time we run in to each other I ask bout ur iman.

aYan said...

to something
hehe..u make me wonder..but i figured u out.. I think..

Anonymous said...

actuallly fighting fire with fire is a good thing, as fire uses up oxygen, if the second controlled fire sucks up enuf, then the first raging fire burns out. but u have to be able to control it, with unhuman like mentality...
so in the end dont fight fire with fire, use water, simbah je kawan cam tu ngan sebaldi air. or something liquid ike, like long Kang water.
if u dont know wat longKang is then go to wikipedia or!?!

aYan said...

to anonymous: uhh..okay~