Friday, September 11, 2009

I got a "GREEN MAGAZINE"....but its WHITE~!!

...this mag was also labelled UGLY by somebody.. But I happen to think its OKAY~

Its a lot thinner than the past magazines, and the year 2008/4th edition was not written on the cover..

But hey, I'm appreciating the very complicated design of the background for each freakin' page.. That's a WOW. I'm amazed.

Changed my mind, LOVE the new magazine actually, probs be my favourite so far out of all 4 editions, ignoring the fact that I never saw the 1st one.. Maybe because this time it was a lot more practical and the design is waaaayy~~ better than the past ones.. No offence to those who helped make the earlier editions..hehe..

k..just wanted to talk about that for my own pleasure... ^_^



eimyan said...

the actual design is way much awesom-er than what u saw. some pihak altered it. i'm printing the original 'green mag'. 140 pages. full color. different front cover (yep they also changed the cover). due next week..

aYan said...

I want that!!