Monday, September 28, 2009

me: you're cute ---- lil' cuz: I know!

Humm..since piczo is retarted until nowhere to upload raya picz..

First raya..

Najah: Your "baju kurung" is already nice, but are you seriously gonna wear those shoes..??
Me: I don't have other shoes. These are my raya shoes..

Second raya..

Some guy on the beach: Phewwitt~!! Baju dah lawa dah.. Kasut rock arr!!
Me thinking: I donno u.. Wadeve..

Third Raya..

Adik sepupu: Hahaha!! Kakyan..tu kasut raye kakyan ke?? Clash larr!!
Me: Ye..gelak larr..

If you had raya with me this'll know what shoes I wore..hehe.. Owh wasn't that bad....was it..?



eimyan said...

jz get crocs la. it's my kasut raya, kasut pantai, kasut konset, kasut tndas, kasut evrything. except kasut skewl. ugh

I - s Y a said...

beach? i didnt hear guys shouting that..

aYan said...

to i-sya:
U guys went ahead and left me behind..remember?? hehe..

to eimyan:
humm..dont think crocs will stop my cuz from lafing..

Kak Bilah said...

It's not bad..i did that once..

Ar-Rijal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
aYan said...

to kak bilah :
Thank you. Najah said its bad.

to ar-rijal:
ayat first x phm la..hehe..

Anonymous said...

isya x dgr..nmpk sgt ko menipu...ingtkn org nk ngorat r tuh..:/

aYan said...

to anonymous:
Dude, or dudette, since ur anonymous..if u read what I responded to the comments, they all left me she didn't hear what the guys said.

I'd appreciate if u leave ur name next tym..thx :)