Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beautiful, beautiful white gown..

My friend arrived with a red paper bag.. Of course all the girls are wondering what's in it...

What's in the bag?? I peeped inside and ended up digging out a beautiful, beautiful white gown with beaded flowers on it.. Apparently, one of my friends is getting ENGAGED..............................

So, okay..we all crowded.. What's this all about?? We never thought your man was gonna propose so soon??


"It's not him, it's someone else...."....

we were all like....."wuuuutt???"

She: Y'all know I've been having conflicts with Mr. X for ages..its not gona go on anymore.. I'm getting engaged with someone else..

Me: Does Mr. X know about this?? Do your parents approve??

She: No, I'm not telling Mr. X. My parents approve straight up.. He's a bussinessman..


Later, when I had a little privacy time with this friend, I asked her..


Me: Are you for real?

She: I don't know.. But its gona happen.. I want it to happen..

Me: Are you READY??!!

She: I don't know..

Me: What's his name?

She: ********i


Okay..I had a longer conversation with her about Mr. X and this new guy... So let it be.. All the girls know her conflicts with Mr. X.. Just marrying another man was not the solution we thought she would take... but girl, if you want this.. I'm with ya..



e|m|a said...

kwn?did i knoe her?

aYan said...

umm..I'mt nt sure.. I think u knw..

eimyan said...

waw it's true? i thot it's some kinda fiction

aYan said...

hehe..she stil rethinking bout it.. She aint definitely sure..

e|m|a said...
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