Sunday, September 13, 2009

On a search for a new photo gallery..

My current photo gallery is still piczo, but since piczo is so difficult now (it takes forever), I have to find a new one for my hundreds and hundreds of snaps..

A friend of mine suggested not long ago to list all of the "sort of good" photo galls and test them all out for a month, then choose my favourite. So, I took that idea and I ended up choosing these three for trying out:


But if y'all have better suggestions, do let me know..

Characteristics of what I want as my photo gall :

  • FREE. Completely 100% FREE.
  • Unlimited uploads and displays
  • Allow album passwords
  • Allow embed(ing) album or single photos
  • Provides a personal link eg. or

    I've already checked out flickr, photobucket, myphotoalbum, picasa, zoomr, imageshack and a couple others.. So far, one host that definitely fulfill all the charasteristics above is picoy, that would be the reason its my number one choice right now..but I'm still exploring.. ^_^

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