Monday, September 28, 2009

This is a story about a lawyer.

2nd Syawal 1430H. I came home (umah datuk) from the beach around 7. I went upstairs to the girls room and found my elder cousin, who is a law student at UiTM, talking to my aunty, who happens to be a successful lawyer. My younger cousins were there too, looking rather interested in the conversation. So was I. Very interested.

My aunty was a science student back in high school when she was fully determined and commited to get accepted for medic in UM. Unfortunately, even with good SPM results, she failed to do so thus putting her in frustration. So she then went to seek help from a teacher who suggested for her to take law instead. At first she very much disliked the idea of taking law, but somehow in the end, the teacher managed to convince her into it. ...How? Why??

By this time, my younger cousins were....sort of..listening..

Her voice went on.

"Law is a combination of science and arts"

Okay, my aunty loves science. Of course when you're a lawyer working on murder cases or health-related cases such and such, this is where science comes in.. So where does art go??

Obviously art in law is not drawing, painting or editing pictures in photoshop..hehe..

Law -----> Art = Literature

Literature?? I immediately thought of the vocabs and the big 10-letter words she was using throughout her entire dialog and how I was nowhere near that. I can never make dramatic sentences like she does though I can definitely make a scene when I'm mad or gaga..

Thinking back, she didn't mention earlier that she was into literature. So, NOW she decides to tell us about her involvements in debates and public speaking. One of her achievements was coming in second place for public speaking in Piala Diraja Pahang. If she came first, she would have represented Pahang for the national competition. Wow. All I could do was rub my ring.

By the way, at this point my younger cousins were fast asleep..

When I listen to my aunty's experiences, she made it feel like law is the most desirable course to take. However, of course, in every good thing there is always a glitch..

When you're a lawyer working for the public, you always fear that one day you might have defended the wrong person. Or charge the wrong person for a crime they didn't commit, or intend to commit. Therefore, being a lawyer is not always a noble job. Even though my aunty loves her career as a lawyer, she admits that if she had a chance to, she would love to become a doctor or teacher instead, providing her service in more accepted or honoured way by everyone.

I've no clue why I was so focused in the conversation, but conclusion here is, when my aunty decided to become a doctor, she ignored her other potential, which is speaking in public. But in the end, she found a path where both her strengths are joined together.

Science + Arts = Law.

Morals to take:
1. When making choices for a course you want to take in U, always think widely and open your mind to other options.
2. Never talk law with those 12 below, they'll sleep.
3. Law is not for me..hehe..



Kak Bilah said...

I totally agree with the statement 'do not talk law with those who r 12 below.'

aYan said...


Ar-Rijal said...

hebat dan cantik ayatnya...macam laa tuan dia...k...:)

aYan said...

haha..time kaseh :)

Anonymous said...

what do you managed to take in course? i actually prefer law instead of being a doc.blood scares me.


aYan said...

to anonymous:

I think I prefer neither.. hehe..but i got a whole year to think about what I want..