Thursday, October 29, 2009

mini cooper..

me: Look, its *a***..
person next to me: Where??
me: In the cooper. (thinking in my faster!!)
person next to me: It's okay..passed us already...

I was on the road the other day, just passed PKNS on my left heading towards simpang 3 when I saw someone going towards the opposite direction driving a cream and black (I think) mini cooper..
(Actually I'm not sure if *a*** was the driver or passenger cuz the car was moving fast and they both looked the same.. Its like a photocopy machine!)

Suddenly, ..
...flashbacking... (owh no~)

At least *a*** didn't see me.. I don't think so..

But anywayz, sweet ride~


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


It happened last week.. I didn't want to write about it earlier because I wanted to be sure that it was completely settled.

Yes, I admit. Last week I confronted the most powerful student in the school. I practically 'attacked' the person with some very harsh words.. humm.. All the person did was nod and said.. .."I'm sorry"..and smile..

The next day, the person came to see me to get a better explanation of what it was exactly that I was confronting the person with.. The person tried to shoot back at me with some words..but then my mouth just opened and answered.. I won't explain leniently about something I'm really unsatisfied with just because the person is powerful in school..

Just FYI to all.. I was sort of mad at the person but I didn't raise my voice.. I only tried to make my speech professional only because the way the person replied was kinda professional as well..

Also something that y'all should know.. I truly respect the person for who the person is at school.. But, honestly when I spoke to the person.. I was referring to who the person was at home.. So actually, the problem I had with the person was a personal issue.. It was nothing to do with school and nobody else was supposed to put their noses into it..

I wasn't trying to make a scene, I was trying to stand for my rights.. I hope y'all understand that it was totally 100% personal and I hope that y'all don't judge me or the person without knowing the real story..

And a message to some guy who heard our conversation partially..

You totally got it wrong.. You don't even know what the issue was about.. I'd appreciate if you just keep your effing gob shut.. Thanks..

You know who you are if I'm talking about you..

Anyways.. moving on.. a different person now..

I have a dark cloud over my head today.. and possibly tomorrow too..and the next day..and the next..and the next.. God knows when it will go away..

I fell.. Hard.. And landed on concrete..
(that's just symbolic, okay~)

The last time this happened, it lasted just over a day.. but this time may be for good..
[Not really, we always say so..but it never really ends..]
*sweet promises* remember them..

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Owh why does the border have to be pink.. I just can't be bothered to customize~


Monday, October 19, 2009

Falling for you..

Sooo...okay.. the post below lasted just over 24 hours..and then well....
the telephone goes.."KRING KRING!!"
it reads.. "****** Calling.."
I don't put real names in my phone.. hehe..

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

simple single or single mingle? difference??

Okay.. First of all.......

Simple single
Its when you're single, definitely not in a relationship, not dating, not playing and definitely not searching..

Single mingle
Its also when you're single, not in a relationship, more specific, not labelled as somebody's boyfriend or girlfriend.. but you may be dating or searching or mixing with people.. If you play, you're're just a player.

What happened at Cameron?
I'm aware of the eyes. And in this case, the mouth too. People are talking again. The roses, the huge open air wave at the uhh..tea garden[??!!], the "waiting for you at A&W" and so on..

But that was yesterday, things can change in just an hour...

Just wanna say, today, I'm officially simple single. No dates. No mingles anymore. Just mates. So quit talking. And quit eyeing on me.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

My leading man in pink!!

Blogging from Nisaa's home.. Just had some time with Mr. PinkBear.. hehe..


Yesterday's Lunchdate~

Dear diary,

She: apple.pinkchoc
He[??!!]: scruff93

Venue: Taman Tropika Playground
More specific?: The slide
Time: Mase banin solat jumaat.. 1pm till 2.45pm.. I think..
Food: Super rings, twisties, sausage rolls, yoghurt drink, strawberry milk
Discussion Topics: gang, backstabbers, SHONEN..haha

Romantic moment: Feeding super rings to each other..
Cracker moment: Looking at pictures in Fitr4h..
Merajuk moment: Refusing to share secrets..
Playful moment: Sliding down the slide..
Silly moment: Getting stuck while sliding down..haha..
Honest moment: pinky swear..hehe..
Sweet moment: Fell asleep on her lap on the way home..