Wednesday, October 14, 2009

simple single or single mingle? difference??

Okay.. First of all.......

Simple single
Its when you're single, definitely not in a relationship, not dating, not playing and definitely not searching..

Single mingle
Its also when you're single, not in a relationship, more specific, not labelled as somebody's boyfriend or girlfriend.. but you may be dating or searching or mixing with people.. If you play, you're're just a player.

What happened at Cameron?
I'm aware of the eyes. And in this case, the mouth too. People are talking again. The roses, the huge open air wave at the uhh..tea garden[??!!], the "waiting for you at A&W" and so on..

But that was yesterday, things can change in just an hour...

Just wanna say, today, I'm officially simple single. No dates. No mingles anymore. Just mates. So quit talking. And quit eyeing on me.



e|m|a said...

our topic when i came to alamin that day :p
ayan simple single?really?hehe

aYan said...

ehehehe...bwat sementare wktu je kot... :p