Saturday, October 10, 2009

Yesterday's Lunchdate~

Dear diary,

She: apple.pinkchoc
He[??!!]: scruff93

Venue: Taman Tropika Playground
More specific?: The slide
Time: Mase banin solat jumaat.. 1pm till 2.45pm.. I think..
Food: Super rings, twisties, sausage rolls, yoghurt drink, strawberry milk
Discussion Topics: gang, backstabbers, SHONEN..haha

Romantic moment: Feeding super rings to each other..
Cracker moment: Looking at pictures in Fitr4h..
Merajuk moment: Refusing to share secrets..
Playful moment: Sliding down the slide..
Silly moment: Getting stuck while sliding down..haha..
Honest moment: pinky swear..hehe..
Sweet moment: Fell asleep on her lap on the way home..


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Bfirst said...

ohoho.. =D