Friday, November 20, 2009

Act like a Lady, Think like a Man.

I love The Oprah Winfrey Show. I was watching this morning's episode (Hallmark shows Oprah 3 times a day on weekdays) and it sorta opened my eyes about something. Lots of things.

The topic revolved around this book, written by the King of Comedy~!

Everything the book is talking about is so true. It tells you about what goes through a male's mind about love and relationships and how women should deal with them. Steve says that he wrote this book to empower women with a look inside the minds of men.

I love the part about "Men respect standards". In the show, he said that women should have certain requirements that they would want a man to provide. If a man truly loves you, he would go far to achieve those requirements or standards, no matter how high they are. But unfortunately, nowadays women set their standards too low which shows self-disrespect when women actually have the power to control the relationship by setting the bar higher. As a result, the man can see exactly what you want and if he really wants you, he will live up to those standards. If he doesn't, he's not what you're looking for. Thus, you get a man who go by your rules and treats you with respect! :)

It may seem like a grown-up book or something matured, but I'm just a kid~ who happens to love it when women are in power. Hehe..

If y'all wanna read a portion of the book,

right here!!

Okay, just wanna talk about that for women pleasure. ^_^


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

aYan - The Movie

Have you seen it?? I haven't.

Some time earlier this year, a friend of mine told me that she saw a huge billboard on the highway advertising the movie,


At first, I was like, "Seriously??".. I didn't really believe it..

But then a few weeks after that, I was on the highway and I actually saw the billboard. It was light blue and HUGE (of course)..
I started laughing by myself in the car..then "OMG!! WTF is that????"

So okay, this movie is the same as my nickname - I'm famous~!! Haha. But, not so psyched~ I don't ever wanna see that billboard again.. Well, because..

Yes, its an Indian movie..that's probably why I haven't seen it yet. Just when I've totally forgotten about this whole thing, and I thought that the ad was already taken down, I was watching TV, and out came an ABO commercial of the Thangathirai Movie that was showing..

Yes, it was the movie, aYan..


Monday, November 16, 2009

Quit being a coward and show yourself..

If you haven't read the profile on the sidebar, read now.

This blog is my personal diary. I would love to write every shit I wanna write here. But, I won't do that, to avoid offending others. I have reasons for wanting my blog to stay at piczo. Piczo isn't very known by many people and I prefer it that way. Just the people I tell knows my site. When you sign up for blogspot, people (that you don't want them to read) can easily find you. So many people read and thus, so many people judge.

If you feel you're so close to me that you deserve to know the real story of everything I write here, but you don't know, then just ask for it.

If you feel you're such a close friend of mine that you already know everything about my life, then take the freedom to judge me.

But one thing I'm assure of, people who I tell my entire life to, they don't judge me simply by what I blog about. So, if you just happen to respond negatively to my posts, then the answer to why that's happening is, you're not close to me and you don't know everything about me. What I'm tryna say is, don't judge people without knowing everything you need to know to judge.

I'm open to your comments and responses, but as mentioned on the profile, don't slag me off anonymously. Come face me and tell me what you feel. Don't be a coward by just leaving a piece of your fucked-up mind on my blog without giving me my say.

This is me. This is my diary. This is my life. Whether you find it boring or exciting or stupid or whatever. I don't care.

If you're uncomfortable with what I write, just comment with your real self, no need to pose and no need to keep your name private. Or else just move on with your life.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

The headteacher didn't let me go camping..


Because she was afraid that I'd faint. She said everyone is going to be off the campsite during activities so if I'm staying at the campsite, I'll be lonely..


Most definitely.. I've got 2 extra holidays without having to ask abi to stay home :) . Its also a good thing because today I have a major headache that hurts so bad and I don't know how to make it stop.

What am I doing at home??

Well, holidays are about to begin and I just laid out some beautiful purple fabric that I bought before exams. I'm finally gonna start making that smocked dress that I've been longing to make all year but never had the chance to. Yay!!

Aite~ gonna carry on mencari ilham..


Thursday, November 12, 2009

kant0i..huhu..letting out my anger now~


I ditched be with two of my closest people.... As everybody left the house around 8.30.. The house is empty.. So, of course if you know me, then you'll know what happened..hehehe...

And then around ride to Nisaa's house arrived..

I was facing one of my hugest fears.. Owh my..the last time I was on a motorbike was like...uuhhh... 3rd grade I think.. Humm... abi don't take me on motorbikes anymore. I'm too scared.. Stayed at Nisaa's house till about half past four.

When I got home, that's when I heard something that I didn't wanna hear ever in my unmarried life..(haha)..

The eavesdropper told me what she heard.. Dear-dear me.. This time its gotta be over for real.. I was also told that **E* gave my best girl a call to find out the truth.. I couldn't help shaking..

All I was thinking..

It's over..
I'm doomed..
**** is dead meat..

And then later..when I told ****.. Of course **** wants to know exactly what happened.. It turned out that **E* didn't call Nisaa after all.. **E* rang his friend and asked..

"Dude, do you know who is A**** form4???"

I was like wuuuuttt??? The person's name is not A****~!!! It's ****!! Without the "A"!!

But, the brighter side is.. God help us.. I thought it was gonna be through..and with **E* method of settling things, I thought **** was gonna get a beating~~...huhu...noooooo~~

Okay, so who am I to be angry at here??..

Well, lets see if you can guess.. this person cries A LOT. Even when he doesn't need to. This person had done a lot for me.. good and very bad.. So I didn't want to let him get the best of me..

Why do I blame this person??

After things were through between me and two months through~ He arranged a meeting with my mom.. I didn't even know about this until, like, two weeks after the meeting.. He told my mom a lot of things.. including **** and trying to make **** look bad to my mom.. WTF?? How dare YOU!! You're talking sh*t about other people but did you forget what sh*t you did to me???

And here's the results to your stupid not-so-secret-anymore meeting with my mom.. You think its gonna bring me and **** down?? NO ..never for your dumbest scheme..

Final words for this fucked up lets-meet-her-mom-to-settle-things boy??

Stay away from me.. You don't need to text me to say "**** tgh maen bola" I already know that.. Don't try to find reasons to bother me.. Don't bother my mom. Don't bother my siblings. Don't bother my dad (he'll chop off your head). Leave us alone.



And so that concludes the "letting out my anger" session...

Lets talk about today...

1. Abi's home from Jordan..and he bought chocolates..yumm!!
2. Mlmh Ain told me I can't go to camping tomorrow..humm..she's worried that I'd get ill at P.D.
3. It's abang's birthday today~~!!

I hope you noticed that I got your age right this year..hehe..unlike last year..
But, of course you're spending your night at the cinema with your guys watching 2012..
Hope you're having fun then...come home soon cuz the flour has been ready since this morning...

Okay that's all for today..

Love y'all..


Thursday, November 05, 2009

a-a-a-I'm feeling sick cuz it's so contagious~

Today I'm at home. Not in school. I'm not feeling very well.. First it was abi, then abg, then umi.. and now me. So its extremely contagious.. I slept through the entire morning..

Today's supposed to be an addmath paper and I really wanted to go to school.. I didn't wanna skip addmath.. But I really can't do much with a weak body.. Guess I'll have to take it next week..

I'm starting to feel real dizzy now..and hungry too..

Humm..missing friends at school..who were just killing their brains to answer addmath... Paper ended at one... Don't worry guys.. It's over..hehe..

By the way, I've been so very addicted to this song lately..because its just so contagious~

Lyrics | Boys Like Girls Lyrics | Contagious Lyrics


Sunday, November 01, 2009

New gallery finally ready..

Stardoll has failed to bring back the previous version of piczo..~ So... I've decided to store my picz elsewhere.. So the link for the new gallery is..

...somewhere on this blog...its not that hard to find..hehe...

New albums in the new gallery are..

  • Raya 09 - Kuantan
  • Jamuan Raya Sekolah 09
  • Rumah Nisaa
  • Skool Trip - Cameron Highlands 09

    Credits to a certain friend of mine who suggested for me to use this photo site for a gallery..

    Also taking this chance to wish Happy 11th birthday!! to my dear cousin, Ikin

    K..that's all peeps.. Enjoy the new gall..

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