Thursday, November 05, 2009

a-a-a-I'm feeling sick cuz it's so contagious~

Today I'm at home. Not in school. I'm not feeling very well.. First it was abi, then abg, then umi.. and now me. So its extremely contagious.. I slept through the entire morning..

Today's supposed to be an addmath paper and I really wanted to go to school.. I didn't wanna skip addmath.. But I really can't do much with a weak body.. Guess I'll have to take it next week..

I'm starting to feel real dizzy now..and hungry too..

Humm..missing friends at school..who were just killing their brains to answer addmath... Paper ended at one... Don't worry guys.. It's over..hehe..

By the way, I've been so very addicted to this song lately..because its just so contagious~

Lyrics | Boys Like Girls Lyrics | Contagious Lyrics


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