Friday, November 20, 2009

Act like a Lady, Think like a Man.

I love The Oprah Winfrey Show. I was watching this morning's episode (Hallmark shows Oprah 3 times a day on weekdays) and it sorta opened my eyes about something. Lots of things.

The topic revolved around this book, written by the King of Comedy~!

Everything the book is talking about is so true. It tells you about what goes through a male's mind about love and relationships and how women should deal with them. Steve says that he wrote this book to empower women with a look inside the minds of men.

I love the part about "Men respect standards". In the show, he said that women should have certain requirements that they would want a man to provide. If a man truly loves you, he would go far to achieve those requirements or standards, no matter how high they are. But unfortunately, nowadays women set their standards too low which shows self-disrespect when women actually have the power to control the relationship by setting the bar higher. As a result, the man can see exactly what you want and if he really wants you, he will live up to those standards. If he doesn't, he's not what you're looking for. Thus, you get a man who go by your rules and treats you with respect! :)

It may seem like a grown-up book or something matured, but I'm just a kid~ who happens to love it when women are in power. Hehe..

If y'all wanna read a portion of the book,

right here!!

Okay, just wanna talk about that for women pleasure. ^_^


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