Thursday, November 12, 2009

kant0i..huhu..letting out my anger now~


I ditched be with two of my closest people.... As everybody left the house around 8.30.. The house is empty.. So, of course if you know me, then you'll know what happened..hehehe...

And then around ride to Nisaa's house arrived..

I was facing one of my hugest fears.. Owh my..the last time I was on a motorbike was like...uuhhh... 3rd grade I think.. Humm... abi don't take me on motorbikes anymore. I'm too scared.. Stayed at Nisaa's house till about half past four.

When I got home, that's when I heard something that I didn't wanna hear ever in my unmarried life..(haha)..

The eavesdropper told me what she heard.. Dear-dear me.. This time its gotta be over for real.. I was also told that **E* gave my best girl a call to find out the truth.. I couldn't help shaking..

All I was thinking..

It's over..
I'm doomed..
**** is dead meat..

And then later..when I told ****.. Of course **** wants to know exactly what happened.. It turned out that **E* didn't call Nisaa after all.. **E* rang his friend and asked..

"Dude, do you know who is A**** form4???"

I was like wuuuuttt??? The person's name is not A****~!!! It's ****!! Without the "A"!!

But, the brighter side is.. God help us.. I thought it was gonna be through..and with **E* method of settling things, I thought **** was gonna get a beating~~...huhu...noooooo~~

Okay, so who am I to be angry at here??..

Well, lets see if you can guess.. this person cries A LOT. Even when he doesn't need to. This person had done a lot for me.. good and very bad.. So I didn't want to let him get the best of me..

Why do I blame this person??

After things were through between me and two months through~ He arranged a meeting with my mom.. I didn't even know about this until, like, two weeks after the meeting.. He told my mom a lot of things.. including **** and trying to make **** look bad to my mom.. WTF?? How dare YOU!! You're talking sh*t about other people but did you forget what sh*t you did to me???

And here's the results to your stupid not-so-secret-anymore meeting with my mom.. You think its gonna bring me and **** down?? NO ..never for your dumbest scheme..

Final words for this fucked up lets-meet-her-mom-to-settle-things boy??

Stay away from me.. You don't need to text me to say "**** tgh maen bola" I already know that.. Don't try to find reasons to bother me.. Don't bother my mom. Don't bother my siblings. Don't bother my dad (he'll chop off your head). Leave us alone.



And so that concludes the "letting out my anger" session...

Lets talk about today...

1. Abi's home from Jordan..and he bought chocolates..yumm!!
2. Mlmh Ain told me I can't go to camping tomorrow..humm..she's worried that I'd get ill at P.D.
3. It's abang's birthday today~~!!

I hope you noticed that I got your age right this year..hehe..unlike last year..
But, of course you're spending your night at the cinema with your guys watching 2012..
Hope you're having fun then...come home soon cuz the flour has been ready since this morning...

Okay that's all for today..

Love y'all..


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