Monday, November 16, 2009

Quit being a coward and show yourself..

If you haven't read the profile on the sidebar, read now.

This blog is my personal diary. I would love to write every shit I wanna write here. But, I won't do that, to avoid offending others. I have reasons for wanting my blog to stay at piczo. Piczo isn't very known by many people and I prefer it that way. Just the people I tell knows my site. When you sign up for blogspot, people (that you don't want them to read) can easily find you. So many people read and thus, so many people judge.

If you feel you're so close to me that you deserve to know the real story of everything I write here, but you don't know, then just ask for it.

If you feel you're such a close friend of mine that you already know everything about my life, then take the freedom to judge me.

But one thing I'm assure of, people who I tell my entire life to, they don't judge me simply by what I blog about. So, if you just happen to respond negatively to my posts, then the answer to why that's happening is, you're not close to me and you don't know everything about me. What I'm tryna say is, don't judge people without knowing everything you need to know to judge.

I'm open to your comments and responses, but as mentioned on the profile, don't slag me off anonymously. Come face me and tell me what you feel. Don't be a coward by just leaving a piece of your fucked-up mind on my blog without giving me my say.

This is me. This is my diary. This is my life. Whether you find it boring or exciting or stupid or whatever. I don't care.

If you're uncomfortable with what I write, just comment with your real self, no need to pose and no need to keep your name private. Or else just move on with your life.


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