Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The 30th of December..

Not a birthday or an anniversary but a totally awesome day at Nisaa's house.

The arrival.
Ummi dropped me off at Nisaa's house around 11.30 this morning. Ummi asked me a question that Nisaa was also asked by her father.
"Duduk rumah je kan? Tak pegi mana2 kan??"
Both our parents are worried that we planned an outing or something out of their approval. But no, of course not. We stayed home the whole time. ^_^.

The boys.
Nisaa is the only daughter of 4 siblings. She has three younger brothers. All very cute and one's chubby. Hehe..

The cooking. And observing.
First of all, I'm a sucker in the kitchen. I told her that it is not a good thing for me [not good for any girl] because ....'s mother is brilliant at cooking. So I can't suck. I have to learn how to cook. Anyways, I stood beside Nisaa watching her cook. I honestly didn't know how to make myself useful at the time.

The long girl-talking.
We talked a lot about school, how next year is going to be, who's staying and who's leaving, ladidadida~~ A lot about shonen. And of course, I was hugging my dear Mr. PinkBear a.k.a. FAITH~

The swim. Very long.
We went outside to the pool at around three. The weather wasn't hot. It was just nice. But Nisaa refused to jump in at first. Then, I showed her how I'm also super suckish at swimming. That got her in. We stayed in the pool for 2 hours. Some time around four, it started to rain, we didn't care. We stayed in the pool anyway. Through the rain. Even when it stopped raining, we were still in there.

The future.
10 years from now, where would I be? Where would she be? What would we be doing? We shared dreams and future plans. Its always nice to go through it all with your best girl.

The focus.
After a long swim, we thought a quiet activity would be great. We decided to sit on the floor, be a girl and do our nails. Buff and shine. How lovely. Realize how focus and silent we all are when doing our nails, because one small mistake and it will ruin your second crowning glory. [The first CG is your hair. Boys, take note.]

The leave.
Six-thirty. We hugged. We waved.


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