Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I hate tuition.

I just do. I hate it. I don't really have a solid reason for that. But tonight was not enjoyable nor comfortable, even after tuition, things kept crashing and burning. If you don't like reading rants, don't bother reading this post.

I wanted to continue with my sewing classes at Hani Taylor's, unfortunately, Ummi says I have to take tuition classes. The expenditure of tuition classes is too much for other activities.

Nifmanis, 4tam, is a very crowded tuition, crowded with some of the most smartest students in town plus some very dedicated and advanced teachers. So of course, everything you will ever learn there is most definitely to be full speed ahead. Thus, for a student who is very slow at picking up information, Nifmanis is not the tuition for you.

Well, it happens to be that I am very slow at learning science stream subjects. Looking right, looking left and everybody else behind me, a majority of them are Jalan 4 students (for those not from Bangi, SMK Jalan 4 is a selected school with performance standards reaching as high as Alam Shah's). No surprise there, except I felt like the dumbest person in the room. And I think I was. How sad for me.

Moving on, like I mentioned, Nifmanis is located in 4tam, and for those who know, you-know-who's [YKW] house happens to be at 4tam too. I dressed up. A bit of makeup. Yes, I got all dolled up just for tuition because YKW was waiting at the bakery near by. But stupid crowded tuition, once you're in, there's no way out. How brilliant. It was almost like I set YKW up. I tried to apologise but YKW was already in slight anger. Sigh. What was I to do. I felt so guilty. This ain't the first time it happen.

So, lets summarize tonight's ranting:
1. I can't carry on with my sewing classes.
2. Tuition doesn't help when I'm crowded with very advanced people.
3. I feel stupid.
4. I'm slowly drifting away from someone extremely important to me.
5. I feel guilty and sad and worried.


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