Friday, December 04, 2009

Losing the Confidence.

I wouldn't classify this as a dream. It wasn't a screaming nightmare either..but I was definitely asleep......

Once upon last night's zzZZ...

I was at my grandma's in Alor Setar, it was as if it's still eidul adha and everyone was getting ready to go to kenduri. I was all ready, in my Syrian jubah, eyeliner was smoky, lipgloss was shining and ring, not forgetting my confidence ring.. I selected the ring among many rings on the dresser and just suddenly it fell to the floor and broke into two! Wait, rephrase, it fell to the CARPET and broke into two. Is that even possible??

No, it didn't break into two semi-circles. It was as if the ring had two layers, one inside the other, and the layers came apart turning it into two rings. [Do you understand that?]

Being superbly careful, I picked it off the floor[carpet], and attempt to insert one layer inside the other. The layers were extremely thin that every time I held the outer layer, the heart-shaped carving was slowly smoothing and disappearing. Like play-doh.

Inserting...inserting...and SNAP! Yes, I finally broke it into FOUR semi-circles. Oh, just brilliant~ AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!! I BROKE MY CONFIDENCE RING!!!

"Bangun!! Bangun!! Raihan! Najihah! Tidur lagi!! Bangun!!", Ummi's voice was ringing in my ears.

I got out of bed and rummaged through my cupboard for the ring. I couldn't find it. Staying calm, I went to the shower where I would usually leave it. There it is. Next to my toothbursh. In one piece. I put it on and told myself never to drop it again. Especially on carpets.



Bfirst said...

Interesting dream.Wonder what it means..

hawa said...

you got A confidence ring? what the? this means that you rely on a RING? confidence ring?

its okay, everyone got their own way of life.. what the? i just cant take it that you have a confidence ring. and you dream about the ring? and you regret for dropping a ring in your dream?am i right?

correct me if i'm wrong.

aYan said...

I don't rely on the ring. Its just a ring that means very important to me. You have to read a previous post I published a while back to understand the real story of the ring.

But besides that, its not magical or anything..hehe

The post is titled "confidence".