Sunday, December 13, 2009

Missing tortoise, watch your step!

A great weekend in Kuantan but I can't seem to recall much. Quiet and peaceful since there was only my fam and cousins who live in Kuantan at Datuk's house when we got there. Weird though, coming to Datuk's house not seeing the boys playing their PS and making noise on the upstairs floor. Hehe..

We arrived at Kuantan around half past 1 on Friday and was welcomed by Datuk, Wo[I don't know how to spell it!], Nurin, Nadia and Adam. We were introduced to a new member of our huge Kuantan family, Betty. FYI, Betty is a tortoise, not a new born baby.

Not long after that, when we were all busy with ourselves, Betty managed to escape from her little home/pond[?!]. By that time, Adam had already scattered bags of his toys all over the floor. So, we had to be extremely careful not to accidentally step on her. We all searched everywhere for Betty yet still didn't find her. In the end, we gave it up and hoped Betty would appear if we stopped searching.

A couple hours later, somebody dropped a piece of paper behind the TV cupboard. And to our surprise, there she is, stuck behind the cupboard. Naughty Betty was finally found and placed back into her home~
Hehe..just wanted to tell my Kuantan family this story.

Anywayzz, besides looking for Betty, me, Najah and our cousin, Kak Bilah, spent the next day on a tiring stroll at the mall. Not just any mall. East Coast Mall. Kuantan's hugest mall is no longer Megamall, guys. ECM is bigger and waaaaayy better. After that, we ended the day at the very-VERY windy Batu Hitam Beach.

Pics in the gallery and more Cameron picz (family gathering, August) from Kak Bilah's camera.
**Update: Pics from Anas' Pre-school Graduation also in the gallery.


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