Thursday, December 23, 2010

Book cover

Assalamualaikum everybody!! I'ts been a week since SPM is over for me and I'm so glad to be blogging again.

Recent life:

Thursday 9th -- My family's third time holiday at Cameron Highlands this year. This time we brought along my Ummi's siblings and their families with us. We visited MARDI and went jungle trekking along path number 4 all the way to Parit Falls. Not forgetting we celebrated Ummi's birthday on friday 10th with big fat strawberry muffins. No cake. Album up in the gallery.

Friday 17th -- Travelled back to Kampung Derga, Alor Setar for ummi's cousin's wedding the next day. Photos also up in the gallery.

And also very recently, I switched my sewing machine back on. I sewn 2 book covers, one for Najah's notebook and one for my Quran.

I just thought it would be a beautiful way to bedazzle my Quran with a new glamorous cover. It's really glamour looking.

As for Najah's notebook, the original cover was one of those ordinary book covers which say 'Exercise Book' at the front of it. Najah asked for a denim cover with little slots inside for her pens.

So, who wants? Let me know and I'll make you one for a good price.

Anyways, future life:

I will be attending the MHI camp this Saturday at Batang Kali, Hulu Selangor. To be frank, I'm not so crazy about going. I would really like to stay home and keep sewing and plan outings with friends, but Ummi paid the fees already so no turning back.

When I get back from MHI, I have another camp coming up. Yes, that's right. The three month PLKN. Though I think I might get an excuse due to my previous health issues.

That's all I guess. I'll be off for a month and then God knows if I'll get an excuse from PLKN or not.



Monday, October 11, 2010

Slow internet connection~

While the connection is kinda okay, let me post this final brag page of the Hearts and Roses collection. I chose this one to be the last one because its my favourite ^_^ Saving the best for last!

Hearts and Roses Day 10 Download


Sunday, October 10, 2010

busy day~

Today was a long day. Four places. An engagement ceremony, a wedding and 2 open houses. And now I'm exhausted. Good thing tomorrow is another day off school for me. ^_^

Hearts and Roses Day 9 Download


Saturday, October 09, 2010

Guess what I found in the freezer..

Anas' birthday party invitation~! Can someone explain to me why a kid would do that??

Hearts and Roses Day 8 Download


Friday, October 08, 2010

Talking for my own pleasure: blog daily

I found this blog. One minute writer. It posts a writing prompt daily. So, the idea is to read the daily writing prompt and give yourself one minute to write a response. I think its kinda fun for a 365 project for those who aren't very good with cameras (like me). Instead of posting a picture daily, you can blog daily with guidelines and you'll never run out of ideas for a post!

Though I have to say my favourite 365 project is the Daily Nail. My elder cousin showed this to me. It's such an awesome twist to the 365 project. The blogger's challenge is to paint her nails with a different colour or design everyday and post a pic on her blog. Love the idea~

Anyways, your 7th download:

Hearts and Roses Day 7 Download


Thursday, October 07, 2010

Two days off!

Its SPM trials right now in Selangor and today is the second last day of trials at my school.

Thursday -- Bahasa Arab Tinggi
Friday -- Ekonomi Asas

And both of the above papers, I'm not taking. So two days holiday for me, four plus the weekend!! ^_^

Just now, I finished making some chocolate truffles for my friend's belated birthday present. The recipe is really easy. I watched it on a kids make-and-do TV show, Finger Tips. They have all their makes on their website. Yes, I'm kiddish. But the truffles tastes delicious and they are ever so simple. Plus, the ingredients are probably things you already have in the kitchen. How lovely! Just click for the recipe

Now to your next download:

Hearts and Roses Day 6 Download


Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Tear it apart.

So, as I was decluttering a couple of weeks ago, I found a picture that I forgot it existed. The reason for that is because the pic was printed early last year and when things came to a downfall, which was a long time ago, I stored it away. I moved on so quickly that I didn't even remember I printed it.

When I found that pic, I unfolded it and just stared for a while for some flashbacking..


Owh yea, that person hurt me. Lets tear this apart.

I took Najah's bin and spent two hours that night tearing the picture into tiny pieces the size of the letters in this post.

That night I took the joy of ripping apart the memories that had ripped me apart in the past. And I'm truly thankful that I've moved on from it.

Onto your download:

Hearts and Roses Day 5 Download


Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Girl code. Best friend code ~ Honesty

Honesty is about being truthful and frank.

Honesty in a best-friendship is telling the truth about things that would affect your best friend. Things that really matter. As a best friend, you should know how to differentiate between things that your best friend has a right to know and things that don't really matter.

It started out small. Taking two phone numbers that I forbid you from taking. You know the reasons why. Then, you make an excuse for lying about it when I confront you. Saying things about me to others. Things that were supposed to be our secret. Then only when I asked you, you tried getting away with it by admitting that it was an accident spill of words. Like it was a small matter.

And after that, it just got bigger from there.

When you said you had come clean, it didn't mean anything to you. Because you still kept the biggest lie of all.

You always say that best friends should always come first. And I've always put you first. But shame on you. You couldn't take your own words. The things you would do to get what you want. How you would hurt your best friend to get your desires. You know what you did was stupid and wrong, but you're the type who will keep doing it until the tables turn. Then you'd know what it feels like.

I also want you to know that what happened to our friendship was not about the other person. It was about how I trusted you and how you betrayed that trust.

It was like you were experimenting on what lie can you do to hurt me most. If a small lie doesn't work, you'll try something bigger. And bigger. Until you finally hit the maximum point.

But was it really worth it? Tell me..

Actually don't. You'd lie anyway.. ~

Your 4th download:

Hearts and Roses Day 4 Download


Monday, October 04, 2010

Kakak and Anas: Sony Ericson

Kakak - My elder sister, 22 yrs old, she likes to fool around with Anas
Anas - My younger brother, 7 yrs old, he likes to ask questions
Mak Teh - My auntie

On the way to the the car,

Anas: Kakak, macam mana orang buat handphone?
Kakak: (in a convincing tone) Haaaa....macam ni. Dia tanam biji benih.
Anas: Tanam biji benih? Lepas tuh? Dapat handphone?
Kakak: Eh, tunggu dulu, kakak tak habis lagi. Lepas tu nanti pokok akan tumbuh.. Bila pukuk tu tumbuh nanti ada...
Anas: Ada handphone tumbuh ke kakak?
Kakak: Tunggu dulu. Kakak tak habis lagi. Nanti tumbuh buah. Kalau kita belah buah tu, dalam dia ada handphone Sony Ericson! (hehehe)
Me thinking: That's very misleading~

At the convocation..

Anas: Mak teh, tengok ni. Anas ada biji kopi. Ni kan, kalau tanam, nanti keluar handphone Sony Ericson!!
Mak Teh: (laughs) Sape ajar tuh?!
Anas: Kakak!

On the way to the the car,

Anas: Kakak,how do people make handphones?
Kakak: (in a convincing tone) Haaaa....Like this. They plant a seed.
Anas: Plant a seed? And then what? You get a handphone?
Kakak: Eh, wait, I haven't finished yet. And then the plant will grow.. When the plant grows, there will be a...
Anas: A phone?
Kakak: Wait. I haven't finished yet. Then fruits will grow. If we cut the fruits in half, there will be a Sony Ericson phone inside it! (hehehe)
Me thinking: That's very misleading~

At the convocation..

Anas: Mak teh, Look at this. I've a coffee bean. If I plant it, I can get a Sony Ericson phone!!
Mak Teh: (laughs) Who taught you that?!
Anas: Kakak!
Just thought it's a funny story to share, Anas is so gullible~

Your 3rd download:

Hearts and Roses Day 3 Download


Sunday, October 03, 2010

Scrapbooking to me is...

..a way to translate your inner thoughts into creativity.

I accidentally stumbled upon scrapbooking when I was 16. I was reading a tutorial on how to create your own blog background. The tutorial had a link to the Digiscrapdepot website. That's when I realized there is another world in the World Wide Web.

I've been preserving personal photos ever since I was 12. Back then, every time we upload photos onto the computer, no one was really bothered to backup the files. So, I decided to upload the photos on a piczo account (and moved to photobucket later on) because I know someday the computer is going to crash and everything inside it will be gone forever. I don't really know why I needed to keep them. I just know the moments captured in the photos were precious memories.

When I randomly landed in the scrapbooking world, I fell in love with the idea of enhancing precious moments in a unique style of your own. Now I know what to do with all those photos. Scrapbooking just instantly made preserving photos so meaningful.

Your 2nd download:

Hearts and Roses Day 2 Download

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Its October already..

Today is kakak's convocation day at IIUM Gombak. It's this afternoon, the same time as my friend's Eid open house at PJ. But I should put family first on this one. Kakak says convocation days at IIUM is really fun cuz they have a confest (convocation festival, I think) me and Anas will definitely be there buying things that we might not need..hehe ^_^ So if any of y'all got no plans for today, just come beramai2.. the more, the merrier~

Anyways, I have a brag book that I was working on a long time ago using my very old 'Grunged' kit but never really had a chance to share them.. So, since I created 10 brag pages, I'll be giving them out 1 by 1 throughout October, and who knows, maybe if I'm feeling creative I'll add some more..

I call this collection the Hearts and Roses brag book..cuz that's what my 'Grunged' kit is all about.. I made five in vintage pink and five in gothic purple.. The preview shows all the five brag pages, but you won't know which one of them you're getting until you download!

Here's your first download:

*Do keep in mind that these are tagger size [650 x 800 px]

Hearts and Roses Day 1 Download


Sunday, September 26, 2010

More pics to scrap..

3 weeks since I last updated.. Been busy with raya, exams and extra scrapbooking projects for friends..hehe..

Today just wanna post a couple of layouts I made using some beautiful kits that I recently downloaded and some kits that have been in my folder forever but never got touched..

Kit: I heart you by Jen C Designs
Template by Designs By Amanda

Kit: Pinkalicious by Delicious Scraps
Template by Andrea Gold

Kit: Natural Breeze by Mistica Designs
Template by Manda's Scrapping Creations

Kit: The Joy by Nibbles Skribbles and Scraps of Ellay
Template by Pure scrap

Kit: Who you are by Susan Robinson
Template by Timounette

Kit: Lovely by Scrapity Scrap and More
Template by GG Digital Designs

Kit: Karmatic Impact by Rebecca's Scrapping Silliness
Template by Machabine Designs

Kit: Heartfully yours by Bonscrapatit Designs
Template by Speed Scraps

Kit: Floralessence by Bonscrapatit Designs
Template by Manda's Scrapping Creations

Kit: Sweetness of blue by Kdesigns
Template by me

Kit: A new day by Sweet Shoppe Designs
Template by Simply Scraps

Kit: Bows, buttons and posies by JLJ Designs, Graphics Illusions, Wyld Web Designs and Sus Designs
Template by Manda's Scrapping Creations


Sunday, September 05, 2010

I love this poem.

I got flowers today. by Paulette Kelly

I got flowers today.
it wasn't my birthday or any other special day.
we had our first argument last night,
and he said a lot of cruel things that really hurt me.
I know he is sorry and didn't mean the things he said.
because he sent me flowers today.

I got flowers today.
it wasn't our anniversary any other special day.
last night, he threw me into a wall and started to choke me.
it seemed like a nightmare.
I couldn't believe it was real.
I woke up this morning sore and bruised all over.
I know he must be sorry.
because he sent me flowers today.

I got flowers today,
and it wasn't Mother's Day or any other special day.
last night, he beat me up again.
and it was much worse than all the other times.
if I leave him, what will I do?
how will I take care of my kids?
what about money?
I'm afraid of him and scared to leave.
but I know he must be sorry.
because he sent me flowers today.

I got flowers today.
today was a very special day.
it was the day of my funeral.
last night, he finally killed me.
he beat me to death.
if only I had gathered enough courage and strength to leave him,
I would not have gotten flowers... today.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Project for Najah

Currently listening to Mine by Taylor Swift..loving it..

I'm working on a project for Najah. She is in boredom right now (cuz there are no computers at the new school yet), so she needs something to keep herself busy.. I'm making her a scrapkit. Not digital. The traditional way. And some name stickers for her belongings..

I still have no photoshop, so sad. Still using pixlr.. Despite what I'm making for Najah, I decided to make this too..just to keep the traffic busy, and dust up this diary since I barely blog about life lately~ Heh...been busy with books..

Loving Spring Quickpage 3.rar


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Morning..

Listening to Katy Perry - Teenage Dream..

I got up today for sahur and I realized that my brother's room door was shut. It could only mean one of these two things:

1. Nobody shut his windows since last night and the wind blew the door shut.
2. He's home.

The first event is mostly likely to not happen...~ He joined me for sahur this morning and we talked. Something we haven't done for a while. He ate. A lot. Like, seriously. Its nice to see him home and watch him finish off leftover chicken.

I got on the computer and looked at the scrapbook kits that I created.. I realized I've never actually played around with the first kit I created, Beloved Memory. It was a Gothic Inspirations Blogtrain..

So here is a new qp from my first scrapkit, I didn't know what pictures to put in it so I just saturated some Cameron pictures..

Beloved Memory Quickpage.rar


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Flashbacking.. last year's form 4 school trip..

I went through my photobucket gallery and came across the album "Skool Trip 2010 - Cameron Highlands".. And I just thought I had lovely snaps to scrap.. Do click for bigger preview..

Kit - Fresh by Delicious Scraps

Btw, just a shoutout.. Happy Birthday to a friend of mine, Anip.. Dude, bile nk balik mesia?