Saturday, January 30, 2010


Yes, the blog is getting dusty, I know.. Give me time to clean it up..

When I was little, 6 or 7 probably, my entire family used to go to Prime Lake Garden together. Usually on a Sunday morning. We leave the house early and stop by this restaurant with really good roti canai. Hehe.. Then when we arrive at Prime Lake Garden, we all take our bikes out of the van and cycle through the park. Kakak and abang have their own bikes while I ride behind Abi's bike and Najah behind Umi's. We cycle from the car park to the playground, then sometimes stop by the lake, if not, straight to the National Museum cycling through the tunnel under the highway.

Well, ever since we got back from the UK, we've never been able to cycle through the park together like before. But today, without kakak and abang though, we tried living the memory again. Me, Najah and Anas on our own bikes, while Abi and Umi do their stroll. We cycled all the way to the museum like we used to and took a couple of pictures while passing museum guards asking to borrow our bikes. Hehe..


Anyways, today I also achieved some healthy results. Most people struggle to lose weight, while I, for a long time, have been struggling to gain. The doctor says I need to gain weight as my BMI is way too low and obviously not healthy. Let me tell you, I eat quite a lot. Two burgers in a row is not enough, I need four. All those people telling me to eat. I've ate all I can. And still can't seem to gain weight. However today, I checked my BMI again and alhamdulillah, I'm not yet in the normal category, but getting there.. ^_^..

Btw, pics up in the gallery..


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