Thursday, January 07, 2010

Remembering the long gone..

I haven't been blogging lately, ye la..sye budak skola lg~ But today I just want to blog about what happened this very day 33 years ago [1977].

It was Friday 7th January. My mother was only 13 at the time, happily hanging out with her cousins at her aunty's house when she was suddenly told to come home. My grandfather, Habibullah bin Hj. Ismail had just passed away of a shocking, unexpected heart attack.

No, I didn't really know how old he was, actually I never even knew the date. I only know because my grandmother told me about it last week as if she wanted me to remember. Though I've never met him, I've only seen pictures, I would still like to tell this to my family as a reminder of Tok Wan.

May he rest in peace....


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