Monday, March 15, 2010

7th Dato' C Q Teo debate challenge.

3 days of tiring but humorous shyt.. Now just relaxing at home. Rest.

Briefing starts at 10. We left school around 9.30. 6 girls, 3 boys, 3 muallimah and our dedicated trainer, Abg Zubair. We arrived at KDU around 1. Why? Because we got lost on the road. For over 3 hours. How awesome~

First round started at 2.30 pm.
Motion: This House would place CCTVs in schools.
We were the opposition against first timers from PUDU girls school. We won this round, unfortunately, we were a bit kurang semangat. Dunno why. Maybe because its the first round.

Second round.
Motion: This House would ban the use of animals as objects in sports and entertainment.
We were opposition again. Against an experienced team for Sri KDU. There was a lot we could have said, but it didn't come to our mind at the time. They pretty much stunted me.

Accommodation: School. Another how awesome~ Hehe..owh well..

Before reaching school, stopped by a restaurant to buy dinner. We all had dinner at school together while telling crazy stories about all the mengarut stuff that happen during the debate..[Animals getting scared and running away to the jungle??!!]. And a lot of crazy laughs. As a result to that, we slept LATE.

Waking up at 6 am to get ourselves ready to head back to KDU as we had to be there by 8.30 am.

Third round.
Motion: This House would leagalize polygamy.
We were the government against Taman Sri Muda. Since we put no parameters, this debate ended extremely messy~~ Dear2...but we took this one anyway..

Forth round.
Motion: This House would pull out Nato Forces from Kabul.
Shamefully, we were the government, against SMK Taman Sea, and we had no idea wtf is going on in Kabul and what the Nato forces were doing there. Luckily, neither did the opposition but they won anyway because they tried to give the status quo, though not everything they said was entirely true.

Fifth round. The silent round.
Motion: This House would ban videos broadcasted by terrorists.
We were the opposition going against Sekolah Aminnuddin Baki. They were fluent speakers, but their mechanism and parameter was like...errr..not strong. Stupidly, we barely bashed them even though we realized their case was weak. However, the kind-hearted judge gave us the win.

Though we won 3 out of 5 rounds, our marks were not enough to make it through to the octo-finals. But we stayed till the end to see who won anyway. After watching the semis, Muallimah, Abg Zubair and Izdiha left the other 8 debaters at KDU to watch the finals. [They headed back to school]. The grand finale was held at the auditorium where everything had been set for a formal dinner, actually more of a high tea. All 8 of us sat in one table and while waiting for the final round to start, we played truth or dare [hehe] using a bottle as the spinner. Good thing our table was somewhere at the back. Where people didn't notice what we were doing.

3 out 5 rounds. I guess not bad for a second tournament. All this stuff I typed above is just ladidadida~ Mostly for myself to remember the experience we had. To be completely honest, a lot of the very funny, stupid and humorous things happened during the time that were spent between all the English debaters, not really anything to do with the debate. Of course, as promised, all the funny laughs, the naughtiness, including the evil dare [muahahahaha~~not my idea by the way..] will stay between the debaters and nothing will be revealed to anyone. Hehehehehehe...... Btw, the dare was not done.



double-s said...

"the dare was not done" argghh....

Tiffany Khoo said...

Ahha, hello, I'm the first speaker from Sri KDU you went against.

Congrats on the 3 outta 5 win. Not bad for first timers.

[-UnknowN-] said...

what was the dare?I was not there but I ought to know! =)

。◕‿◕。همبا الله said...

dare?? r u talking about that DARE.........mmm.. hehe... but still, i'm still counting on ***... still HOPING.....ok...^^my ALMANAC b0ok ;)

btw, y don't u talk about THAt incident... at this post..haha.. i'm sure that will be a great story climax...

-i'm stilllllll HOPPPPING- until the end of my life...(metafora)

to our so-called trainer;
DARE(****) secret0 among us.. u r 0ver-age person.....muahaha

。◕‿◕。همبا الله said...

ch0p.... that evil DARE.. i made it right... (muahaha) -i'm truly evilllll...
serve u right****

but actually it's kind of 'THING which brings benefitt 2me.. hehe.. i guess, i was quiet brilliant.. using people...hehe

najah said...

the dare~hahaha.. it was never done..what a total chicken.

Anonymous said...

oh..almanac book..did any of you found the book? i found the website.. we should have one.. :)

Anonymous said...

hoooo.. what`s up? did i miss something? looks like a 'dare' is goin on.. what is it? can i be one of the 'daredevil'??... hheheuuauaua
by the way, i`m proud of you guys.. love all of you so much!! where`s the picture of our wonderful visit to Book Fair at PWTC last week?
---.Mlmh Nad