Friday, April 09, 2010



Currently listening to Vanessa Carlton's A thousand Miles..repeating again and again.. It was a huge hit back in 2002 when it was first released.. Reminds me about...................................

Anyways, literally speechless,

Definition -->>
Its not that I'm speechless because someone told me something out of the ordinary...or something truly shockin' happened in my life recently..

Its that I really can't talk.. I used up all of my voice yesterday..

What happened yesterday??
Al-Amin Bangi vs. Al-Amin Gombak friendly debate.

Al-Amin Gombak English debate team is totally awesome. And they were a lot more experienced than Al-Amin Bangi's team.

"It was a pretty close debate.." - stated by one of IIUM's best debaters (if I'm not mistaken) and he's also Al-Amin Gombak's trainer..

No, there was no huge argument that caused me to scream and lose my voice..


Najah: **cough2**and selsema** Kak yan, I'm seriously ill and coughing in your face, and you're still sitting next to me??

A few days later..

aYan: ** cough2**and selsema** Aww man~

Back to the present..
I skipped school on Tuesday due to being utterly ill, but I still attended the debate training on Wednesday until 10pm...

Thursday, the day of the friendly match..

A few minutes before the match..

aYan: Chah, suara aku..hilang~~!!
Chah: Alaaa..nanti okay la tu..

aYan: Mlmh, suara aYan..
Mlmh Ummi: Takpe, nanti pakai mic, dgr punye..

During the match..
Halfway through my speech, I felt my mouth getting dryer and dryer and it stopped producing saliva. By the end of the match, my voice was serak. It got worse and worse as night falls..

Waking up in the morning..
..only to find that when I called out Najah's name, she didn't answer.. My voice has officially disappearred..


And so, today's training, I didn't debate but I did adjudicate. And was laughed at because of a squeeeeeky dying voice..


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[-UnknowN-] said... hari ni mcm mana lak?..

get well soon.IIUM Inter-school is only a week away..