Friday, May 14, 2010

Just go for it laa...

Yesterday night my aunty came by...

Aunty: Yan form4 kan??
Me: Eh, x..form5..
Aunty: Owh Hahaha..peksa la thn ni??
Me: Haah..hehe..
Aunty: luck!!

My aunty is a very happy-happy person.. She just laugh for her pleasure and it made me laugh too.. Later on, she asked me which course stream I'm taking. When I told her pure science, she then asked my ambition. It was that point that I stuttered. I wasn't sure what to answer. I didn't really know what I wanted to be.

"You have to decide now. Don't be like me. This is the year you decide what you want to be when you grow up and focus on your ambition. Don't let other people tell you what you should take," she said.

My dad doesn't want me to take design. He wants me to take engineering. Sometimes when I think back, engineering is not what I really want, its what my dad really wants. Just because my dad is good at what he does, doesn't mean that I'm good at it too. I told my aunty that sometimes I just don't have the mood for studying because its almost like I'm not studying to be me, I'm studying to be my dad. That kinda puts me down.

"It doesn't matter what your dad wants you to do, its about what you want. If you get a job that you don't like, you won't enjoy it. He did what he wanted, why should he stop you from doing what you want."

I thought long about this. I guess I only agreed with my dad because he doesn't agree with me. So I didn't want it to be a huge issue. But this is a huge issue. Its about what I want, not what he wants.

My aunty whispered to me before she left,

"If you want it, just go for it laa... Then you can mintak ampun with him some other day~~ Hahaha~~"



eimyan said...

haha i like the way your aunty rocks. how about you talk to your daddyo? say two things (talk nicely); 1. why is he so want you to take engineering? 2. why are you really suck at engineering.

for number 1, say to your dad, the things that he wants in engin might be present in other courses. for number 2, say this. if i'm a girl, don't bother weightlifting champion. if i'm a boy, don't bother soprano singing. kan?


aYan said...

heh. be frank, I'm kinda afraid to talk to my dad..but i'll try..not anytime soon tho..

[-UnknowN-] said...

hah.see..told ya already..

if you want to talk to your father,get your kakak to back you up'll be a bit easier having someone standing for you.and be sure you have all your arguments and rebuttals written down forth before you get into the debate against your father.hahaha.

btw,get good grades so we can get down to debating again!