Saturday, May 01, 2010


Yesterday in the lab..

We had a bio experiment which took half an hour to take effect. So me and a couple of other girls messed around with the globe in the lab.

How to play:

First, choose 1:
1. Your holiday
2. Your honeymoon
3. Where your man is located
4. Where you wanna get married

Second, get someone to spin the globe as fast as possible. Then pin your finger anywhere on the globe while its spinning to stop it. The country (or sea) that your finger has pinned on is the place of whatever it is that you chose in step 1.

Hehe..its just something to entertain us..

There is caution: Never pin your finger too close the top of the globe. Not only will you get the Arctic Ocean, but you'll also get your finger stuck in that measurement thingy like I did. Now my finger is slightly bruised. Heh.

**Lesson to learn, don't play around in the lab.



lowtjepon said...

wedding at the arctic ocean hahaha!

aYan said...

that would be yours~