Sunday, June 27, 2010

Quality Control and *freebie*

Taking a break from studying...

I was checking out some quality control policies at different online digiscraps shops and I came across the Digiscrap warehouse and Enchanted Studio Scraps. I told myself if I wanted to make scrap designing an all time hobby for myself, my images have to be perky perfect. So I decided to experiment with some scanned doodles..

First experiment

First step: I drew my doodle on a piece of white paper and scanned it onto the computer. After opening the file on PS, I cropped the doodle to its size.

Second step: I selected and deleted the unwanted pixels (the white paper). So that I'm left with just my doodle. I put a black colour overlay and rasterized the layer.

Third step: Now the quality check begins. To make sure there are no holes in my doodle or tiny pixels that shouldn't be there, I gave my doodle a 10px red stroke. That will reveal all the flaws of the image so I can correct them. This is done at 200%

Forth step: The edge of the doodle is checked that they are smooth and not jagged. This is done at 100%. But I'm still having difficulty with this step.

As you can see the results aren't as smooth as I want it to be. Realize that there are edges sticking out and aren't properly joined together. Thus a second experiment is conducted. [ No, it aint like a science experiment :) ]

This time I drew each part of my doodle without lifting my marker pen. This way, I won't get any loose ends.

After getting rid of the unneeded pixels, I realized that there are still loose ends in my doodle where a part of the picture is connected to another part, in this case, where the wings are attached to the heart. Time to conduct a third experiment.

In my third attempt, I drew each part of my doodle separately and connect them together in many layers when editing so it is easier for me to colour my doodles.

Finally this third experiment doesn't give me loose ends. Alhamdulillah :) Here are the results of my experiments, there is still so much room for improvement, feel free to download for your use ^_^

My Experiment Doodles by aYan

**Do let me know if anyone knows better methods to make doodles look smooth on the computer.

Goodnight everyone!


Friday, June 25, 2010

A call from Baling and a *freebie*

Around 10 o'clock I answered a call from my beloved sister, Najah who is currently schooling in MRSM Baling right now.. I miss her veeeeery much!!!!!

Just a day ago, she told me things weren't going so well for her.. But thankfully today has improved. The school was searching for debaters to participate in an upcoming tournament, and well, of course she is participating~

So anyways, good luck dearest! All the best in your new journey..and don't forget your friends here in Bangi...hehe..

Grunged Quickpage.rar


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Grunged *freebie*

I think I've gotten myself addicted to scrapbooking cuz everytime I'm on the computer, I find myself checking my email, then straight to Digiscrapdepot.. After that, I'll start loading photoshop and begin creating stuff to express the wonders and inspirations in my head. Haha. Next, I would make a preview for the kit I've created, a TOU, then compress into a .rar file. The file is then uploaded into my 4shared account and is promoted through my blog, digiscraps groups and lists, and everywhere else you can advertise. Sometimes I didn't even upload my freebie to an advertising blog, instead the blog author promotes it for me just because they like it.. :)

And that is how I make a scrapkit. Just for those who are wondering. Another smiley :)

The inspiration for this kit came along when I was in the middle of creating the previous kit, Loving Spring. This new kit is called Grunged, inspired by Najah. She got me addicted to a song by Kesha, Your Love Is My Drug. Kesha's songs always had that edgy feel to it, though this kit is more on the grunge and gothic side.

So, this one is for Najah,

Good luck in your new school. You'll do awesome!!

The kit is tagger size, contains 35 elements and 20 papers, not all are shown in the preview.

Grunged by aYan.rar

Btw, to alaminians, we need a new english debater!!


Friday, June 18, 2010

Freebie quickpage~

Hehe.. As promised, here is a free quickpage made with my kit, Loving Spring. I'm not great with layouts..but hopefully, I'll improve from time to time.. :)

Loving Spring Quickpage.rar


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Loving Spring

Its summer already, I know..hehe.. Its just that recently I went to Cameron Highlands with my family and we're going there again tomorrow. The Sharples home in Cameron Highlands is full of brightly coloured flowers. So I'm kinda still in the mood for spring~

So here is my second digital scrapkit, Loving Spring.

Loving Spring by aYan - .rar file

This kit is tagger size. Maybe I'll also make some freebie quickpages soon. Enjoy!!