Saturday, August 28, 2010

Project for Najah

Currently listening to Mine by Taylor Swift..loving it..

I'm working on a project for Najah. She is in boredom right now (cuz there are no computers at the new school yet), so she needs something to keep herself busy.. I'm making her a scrapkit. Not digital. The traditional way. And some name stickers for her belongings..

I still have no photoshop, so sad. Still using pixlr.. Despite what I'm making for Najah, I decided to make this too..just to keep the traffic busy, and dust up this diary since I barely blog about life lately~ Heh...been busy with books..

Loving Spring Quickpage 3.rar


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Morning..

Listening to Katy Perry - Teenage Dream..

I got up today for sahur and I realized that my brother's room door was shut. It could only mean one of these two things:

1. Nobody shut his windows since last night and the wind blew the door shut.
2. He's home.

The first event is mostly likely to not happen...~ He joined me for sahur this morning and we talked. Something we haven't done for a while. He ate. A lot. Like, seriously. Its nice to see him home and watch him finish off leftover chicken.

I got on the computer and looked at the scrapbook kits that I created.. I realized I've never actually played around with the first kit I created, Beloved Memory. It was a Gothic Inspirations Blogtrain..

So here is a new qp from my first scrapkit, I didn't know what pictures to put in it so I just saturated some Cameron pictures..

Beloved Memory Quickpage.rar


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Flashbacking.. last year's form 4 school trip..

I went through my photobucket gallery and came across the album "Skool Trip 2010 - Cameron Highlands".. And I just thought I had lovely snaps to scrap.. Do click for bigger preview..

Kit - Fresh by Delicious Scraps

Btw, just a shoutout.. Happy Birthday to a friend of mine, Anip.. Dude, bile nk balik mesia?


Saturday, August 07, 2010


New background again and new header.. This one feels more like myself. Created with many different combined scrapbook kits.. Like? Love? I know I do! ^_^

Here's something I whipped up really quickly.. Again using pixlr.. Not as good as I wanted it to be.. I guess its okay~

Loving Spring Quickpage 2.rar


Wednesday, August 04, 2010

feeling slightly emo *freebie*

Not feeling well today..staying home till I get better..

My bruv had to reformat the computer the other day..thankfully he kept some files safe including mine :) thanks abang.

But apparently, I can't open photoshop. A bit pissed with that. So I used my online alternative, pixlr, to create a freebie quickpage.. Since I don't have access to photoshop, it took me forever to complete it. Humm... And it took me longer to make the preview cuz pixlr couldn't read my older preview template. I think I could've done better with photoshop~

Grunged Quickpage 2.rar

Then, another disaster. When I logged on to my blogger, I found that my blog background has been deleted by the host. Grrr... Can't be bothered to be pissed anymore, I took the time to create myself a new blogger background by one of my fav scrapbook kits, A new day by Sweet Shoppe Designs.

**Updated my photobucket gallery with some new pics, including MUSLEH Debate 2010~~