Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Morning..

Listening to Katy Perry - Teenage Dream..

I got up today for sahur and I realized that my brother's room door was shut. It could only mean one of these two things:

1. Nobody shut his windows since last night and the wind blew the door shut.
2. He's home.

The first event is mostly likely to not happen...~ He joined me for sahur this morning and we talked. Something we haven't done for a while. He ate. A lot. Like, seriously. Its nice to see him home and watch him finish off leftover chicken.

I got on the computer and looked at the scrapbook kits that I created.. I realized I've never actually played around with the first kit I created, Beloved Memory. It was a Gothic Inspirations Blogtrain..

So here is a new qp from my first scrapkit, I didn't know what pictures to put in it so I just saturated some Cameron pictures..

Beloved Memory Quickpage.rar



scraproo said...

Thanks so much! This will be great for a LO of my niece. She likes gothic things. Great work!

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Kit(s) post on Aug. 21, 2010. Thanks again.